Tata Motors releases official video on how to get maximum range from an electric car

Tata Motors should be given the credit for spearheading the revolution of electric vehicles for the masses, with its new-age compact and affordable EVs like Nexon EV, Tigor Ev and now the Tiago EV. Understanding its responsibility as a pioneer of electric vehicles in India, Tata Motors has released a video on its social media handles, in which it explains the ways following which one can maximize the range of his electric vehicle.

In its video, Tata Motors has listed five crucial factors with which one can increase the driving range of his electric vehicles. First is that anticipatory driving, in which you need to get the way electric vehicles accelerate and pick up the speeds. For achieving a higher driving range, maintain speeds of up to 80 km/h, while driving only in Eco and Normal modes. Sport mode can increase the thrill quotient of your driving experience, but it sips up the battery range significantly. Light right foot and one pedal driving using the coasting method, in which you deaccelerate the vehicle by minimal application of brake increases the range.

Use regenerative braking

Next is using the regenerative braking system, in which an electric vehicle converts the available kinetic energy produced during de-acceleration or braking of the vehicle and converts it into electric energy. This energy in turn charges the high voltage battery of the EV, which in turn extends the range of the vehicle.

You can also set the air conditioner of your vehicle in optimal condition – neither too hot nor too cold. Keep the auto mode of the air conditioner on and keep the settings in Econ mode with temperatures around 24-26 degrees Celcius. To ensure that range consumption is not high, use the remote AC feature only when the remaining charge is sufficiently high, as it impacts the driving range of the vehicle.

Nowadays, most vehicles do come equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system, which alerts you about the exact amount of air pressure in the tyres. If any one or more tyres of your EV have air pressure levels lower than recommended levels, ensure that you top up those tyres with adequate air pressure levels. Lastly, it is advisable to adhere to the service schedules, while maintaining fluid levels within tolerance limits. It is also recommended to not use unauthorized electrical accessories in your EV, as they can consume the available range faster than usual.

Tata launched the most affordable EV in India

Tata Motors releases official video on how to get maximum range from an electric car

A few days ago, Tata Motors has launched the most affordable electric car in the Indian market. The all-new Tiago EV comes with a price tag of Rs 8.49 lakh for the base variant. This is an introductory price and only the first 10,000 customers will be able to get the benefit. The Tiago EV will join the Tata Tigor EV, Nexon EV and Nexon MAX EV. Tata is currently the market leader in the electric vehicle segment and the new Tiago EV will further help the brand to increase its market share.

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