1 Day-Old Nexon Facelift Breaks Down: Tata Replaces SUV

tata nexon replaced after electrical fault

Over the years, numerous new car owners from different brands have faced problems related to manufacturing defects. In general, manufacturers delay the process of sorting out the issues of such owners. However, setting up a new precedent, Tata Motors has done something amazing. The company recently replaced a Nexon owner’s car within three days after his car had an electrical failure on the day of purchase.

Tata Motors replaces Nexon that had electrical failure

The video of Tata Motors quickly solving an owner’s problem has been shared on YouTube by Prateek Singh on their channel. It starts with the presenter showing a video clip shared by the owner of the said Tata Nexon. The owner in the video shows his newly purchased car standing on the side of a road.

He states that he purchased this Tata Nexon earlier in the morning of the day of making this video. The owner highlighted that he bought this Nexon facelift in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He then mentions that he, along with his family, took the car for a trip and it has stopped in Ghaziabad.

1 Day-Old Nexon Facelift Breaks Down: Tata Replaces SUV

In his video, the owner of the car states that the entire electric system of the car has failed. He added that this failure happened while he was driving at 80 kmph. Following this failure, he pulled over at the side of the road and was stranded.

Despite his numerous attempts, he stated there was not even a single light that was glowing on the inside or the outside of this car. The owner even showed that the keys were not able to lock or unlock the car. He also showed that even after inserting the key and turning it on, nothing was happening.

The presenter of the video then added that the owner of the car contacted Tata Motors. However, the help was sent by the company after 4-6 hours. And till this time, the owner along with his family members were stranded with the car in Ghaziabad.

How did Tata Motors respond?

1 Day-Old Nexon Facelift Breaks Down: Tata Replaces SUV

A few days later, the owners of the car shared another video in which they shared good news. They stated that the dealership Anjney Motors from Meerut has replaced their old 3-day-old Tata Nexon.

It was stated in the video that there was some manufacturing defect in the car. However, what exactly was the problem was not revealed. On the brighter side, it was stated by the owner that the dealership even agreed to change the color of the car.

Originally, the owner purchased the white-colored Nexon. However, following the incident, they were able to get the same model finished in Daytona Grey color. The owner added Anjney Motors has been very helpful and quick with this process.

Other such situations

1 Day-Old Nexon Facelift Breaks Down: Tata Replaces SUV

Just a few weeks ago, two Tata Safari facelift Dark Edition owners also suffered similar issues. One of these owners was from Hyderabad and the other was from Nagpur. Both cars suffered from electric issues and both were disassembled by their respective dealerships.

However, after these cases became viral on the internet, they both were presented with ideal solutions. The owner of the Safari from Hyderabad was given a full refund. Meanwhile, the other was given a permanent solution and third free service.