What Tata cars with Impact 2.0 Design will look like: Sumo to Sierra!

Among India’s largest home brands, Tata Motors has been working its back off for some years now in order to set things right. So far, the company has developed new platforms, a new design language, has several international names under its umbrella and is developing a new petrol engine. . Among all this, the largest change which has helped the company bring more attention to its cars is the all-new IMPACT 2.0 design philosophy.

Tata Impact 2.0 Vehicles Featured

It debuted with the H5X concept at the 2018 Delhi Auto Expo and the Harrier is the first vehicle from the company to carry the design language in production form. Future Tata cars like the Cassini, Blackbird, Altroz, Hornbill along with the new version of the Nexon will all sport the same design theme.

With the design of the new Tata cars in the right direction now, we wonder how the oldies like the Sierra and Sumo would look like with the IMPACT 2.0 design on them. Below are 5 Tata cars which we have reimagined and now sport the IMPACT 2.0 design language. Let’s now check them out and see how would they look if the company decides to put them to production.

Tata Sierra

Future Tata Sierra 2

The iconic three-door SUV from Tata looks quite good with the IMPACT 2.0 magic on it. The front fascia gets the LED DRL and headlights in swapped positions which makes it look smart. The large glasshouse at the rear has been retained in the same way as was on the original Sierra. Those big wheels and the unique three-door design make the SUV stand out in the crowd. Tata Motors’ design head, Pratap Bose, has revealed that the Sierra and Sumo are two cars he’d like to revive, but with modern twists to make them acceptable in current market conditions. If this is how it’s going to look, we definitely want Tata to consider making it again.

Tata Winger

tata-winger-impact-design render

Who would have thought that the Winger could ever look so cool? The above render marries the old school people mover with the IMPACT 2.0 design and the end result is quite desirable. It looks Mafia level badass and the smart front fascia takes its hotness quotient to a whole next level. Those gorgeous 5 spoke rims further add to its character. the slightly lowered look does wonder to its overall appeal and though it retains the original Winger’s boxy dimensions, it looks quite hot, to say the least. We will definitely put our money on it if Tata decides to put it into production.

Tata Sumo

Future Tata Sumo 3

The Tata Sumo is among the oldest SUVs in the market currently. However, it has started to show its age and it’s time that Tata should give it an update. The one featured above for sure looks hot as hell. With the IMPACT 2.0 design on it, the Tata Sumo is completely transformed into a whole new beast. Those massive blacked out wheels further enhance its looks. It now looks like a proper SUV with a larger body and macho style. Though it’s price would be much higher with a body form like this, but it’ll be worth it. Tata, if you are reading this, please make this happen.

Tata Estate

Tata Estate Render 1

The Tata Estate was one of the earliest station wagons on sale in India had during the 1990s. The design of this Tata Estate takes a classy approach with clean lines all around instead of radical looks. The concept of Station Wagons or Estates has never been successful in India but with a car this cool, we’re sure that people will be ready to empty their pockets on it. The 2.0-litre KRYOTEC engine will suit the bill here and if produced, the Tata Estate will be built on the OMEGA Platform that under the Harrier.

Tata Safari Storme

Impact Tata Safari 1

The Tata Safari was launched before the 200s and is among the oldest SUVs in the market right now. The newest Storme version is currently holding the mantle but slowly losing its charm in the highly competitive SUV market of India. However. with the IMPACT 2.0 magic weaved over it, we’re sure it can make a comeback. The above render shows how the Tata Safari Storme will look with IMPACT 2.0 design over it. It looks sleeker and much more macho than the current cariant.

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