Tata Motors to launch 10 new cars in 5 Years based on Omega (Harrier) & 45X platforms

Indian automaker Tata Motors is set to launch 10-12 cars, in India, in the next five years. The new barrage of cars, which will include different variants will be based on the Alfa and Omega platforms showcased at Auto Expo 2018 in the form of the 45X and H5X concepts. The Alfa platform will first be used by the Tata Harrier SUV.

tata h5x concept

Speaking to PTI, Tata Motors President of Passenger Vehicles Business Unit Mayank Pareek stated that the plan by Tata Motors called for the carmaker to be present in existing sectors, and to create new ones as well, as the Indian car market evolves. With its new line-up of cars, Tata Motors is looking to cover 90% of the Indian car market in the next five years with products based on its two new platforms.

Pareek told PTI,

In the next five years, the Indian automotive market will continue to evolve with many segments and sub-segments emerging. Our plan is to be present in existing segments and create new ones. On the two new modular platforms that we have, there could be around 10 to 12 nameplates in the next five years. These new products, which will include variants, could be in existing segments or new ones which we see emerging. These will help us have a presence in over 90 per cent of the market.

Tata Motors will be streamlining its product portfolio as part of its turnaround strategy and will only use its two new platforms to build the new cars and SUVs that will make up the 10-12 new vehicles arriving in the next 5 years. While the Alfa platform is an all-new one, the new Omega platform is a derivative of the LS550 architecture used by the Tata-owned British SUV marque Land Rover.

Of the new vehicles arriving by 2023, those under 4.3 metres in length will be based on the Alfa platform, whereas bigger cars, which look to be mostly SUVs, will be underpinned by the new Omega architecture. The first new vehicle from the new offensive by Tata Motors will be the production version of the H5X concept seen at the Auto Expo 2018, which is due to arrive on Indian roads in January 2019 bearing the name Tata Harrier.

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