Tata Motors to replace suspension part for free on all Manzas

Tata Motors is replacing anti-roll bar bushes free of cost, on all Manza cars sold so far. The new bushes will have a sturdier material than that of the present bushes.

The company has not termed this bush replacement exercise as a ‘recall’. And the company claims that there haven’t been any customer complaints so far. Hence, instead of calling the customers voluntarily, the company is changing the bushes as and when the Manza cars are brought to the service centers by owners.

Tata Motors to replace suspension part for free on all Manzas
Photo: If you own a Manza you should get your anti-roll bar brushes replaced for free now!

Hence, if you are a Manza owner, do not expect a call from Tata Motors. On the other hand, you can cross check whether they have replaced the anti-roll bar bushes, next time you service your car.

“We are replacing a plastic component called anti-roll bar bush which is connected to the suspension of the car,” a Tata Motors spokesperson was quoted as saying by a news agency.

Anti-roll bar is a bar that runs across the length of an axle, and limits the length of the suspension’s travel, which makes the car more stable when you take high speed turns. The anti-roll bar bush is used to anchor the anti-roll bar. If this bush wears out you will begin to hear suspension rattle and you will find the car swaying and bouncing quite a lot. Replacing the anti-roll bar bush will ensure suspension rattle is well controlled.

This is not the first time Tata Motors is silently recalling its cars to change parts. Earlier, in 2010, Tata Motors (unofficially) recalled its Nano to retro-fit a safety kit free of cost.

Just like many carmakers globally, Indian car makers too do have some recalls, but refrain from calling them recalls. The recalled numbers are however, smaller when compared to the massive recalls that happened in US in the past couple of years. Read more about the Tata Manza.

In the last three years, apart from Tata, Honda had recalled 72,115 units of 2nd generation Honda City sedans, Maruti Suzuki had recalled one lakh numbers of A-Star cars(due to faulty fuel pump), Dzire, Swift and Ritz diesel cars.