Tata Motors to reveal large EV Concept tomorrow

Tata Motors is having an event tomorrow in Mumbai. In the event, they will be revealing a new electric vehicle. According to Autocar India, the new electric vehicle will be a SUV concept. It will be a new 7-seater SUV that will be based on an all-new electric platform. The production version of the electric SUV will go on sale in 2025. The name of the concept could be ‘Sliq’ considering Tata Motors recently filed a trademark for the name.

Tata Motors to reveal large EV Concept tomorrow

Tata calls the new platform “Born Electric” because the platform is specifically developed for electric vehicles. It is essentially an electric skateboard platform which means that it could be used to develop different body shapes. The electric skateboard platform is exactly what it sounds like. The wheels are placed in the corners of the vehicle while the centre is taken by a flat floor which is used to store the battery.

There are certain advantages of using the electric skateboard platform. This means that there is no transmission tunnel which means more amount of space for the occupants. There are no issues regarding packaging because there is no engine. The wheelbase of such vehicles is quite long because there is no engine up-front and wheels are pushed to the corners. Moreover, a longer wheelbase means more cabin space.

The main focus of the concept is interior space. So, it could get a lounge-like cabin with connected car technology, autonomous features and modern gadgets and features. Tata Motors recently set up their new division called Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited or TPEML. The new logo of the company is expected to debut on the new concept. The logo could be a “T” which would be illuminated and would stretch across the rear.

The first product to be made on the new platform is expected to be an electric version of the Harrier or Safari. Both the SUVs are currently based on Land Rover’s D8 platform. This platform is not easy to electrify because of which Tata Motors has decided to use the new platform as the base of the Harrier EV and Safari EV. This is also the reason why Land Rover does not have an electric vehicle based on the D8 platform. Tata Motors has already greenlit the electric version of the Harrier. It has been codenamed Eturna and is expected to launch in 2025.

Tata Motors working on two more EV platforms

Tata Motors to reveal large EV Concept tomorrow

India’s largest EV manufacturer is working on two more platforms for electric vehicles. The first platform is the ICE-converted platform that the manufacturer is using on Nexon EV and Tigor EV. Then there is the new Gen 2 platform which is a heavily modified version of ICE platforms. This will help in using a larger battery pack because the ICE platform has its limitations. The upcoming Curvv Concept was based on this platform. You can read more about all the platforms of Tata Motors by clicking here.

Via Autocar India

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