Tata Motors trolls Hyundai as Altroz outsells the i20 premium hatchback

Tata taking shots at its rivals is not a new thing. The brand has been doing it for quite some time now. Tata has done it again and this time against the Hyundai. Tata Altroz has outsold the Hyundai i20 last month. Celebrating the sales figure, Tata used its social media platforms to target Hyundai.

In the first quarter of the financial year 2022, Tata sold as many as 15,895 units of the Altroz. In the same period, Hyundai sold 14,775 units of the i20. Tata put a picture on its social media handle that says, “There are 20 ‘i’ missing here. The Altroz made it disappear.” The second picture says “Important! ALTROZ beats t’s rival in Q1 FY-22 with an impressive margin. Indians are choosing India’s safest hatch. It is an incredible feeling to drive the distance with your support”. The letter’ i’ was missing from the second sentence altogether.

The difference between the numbers of the i20 and the Altroz is about 1,100 units. Hyundai launched the all-new i20 in the Indian market last year and with added features, the price of the model has gone up too. Tata, on the other hand, plays in a more affordable price range. Tata Altroz is priced between Rs 5.8 lakh and Rs 9.56 lakh, ex-showroom while the Hyundai i20 gets price tag between Rs 6.85 and Rs 11.34 lakh.

Tata has done it with Maruti too

Tata Motors trolls Hyundai as Altroz outsells the i20 premium hatchback

It is not only Hyundai that Tata targets every now and then. In the past, Tata has aimed at the WagonR’s safety and also received a reply from the manufacturer in a similar form. Also, this is not the first time that Tata is mocking Hyundai. However, Hyundai is yet to act against any such banter on the social media. We are not sure if Hyundai will reply to Tata Motors this time but it will definitely become an interesting situation, if they do.

Such playful act of taking digs at each other is not very uncommon in the international markets. Manufacturers, especially the European ones have been mocking each other publicly on large billboards for years now. It is considered as a healthy fight against each other.

However, on many occasions, these manufacturers also send congratulatory posts to each other on social media platforms on the important days. Keeping a healthy fight draws a lot of interest of the followers and also brings out the brand loyalists to support them.

Tata is one such manufacturer that has started this banter game in India. Until now, only Maruti Suzuki has responded to the mocking posts by the brand but we do hope that we get to see more of these banters from the other manufacturers too.

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