Tata Nano-based Jayem Neo Electric Hatchback: This is IT

Tata Nano-based Jayem Neo Electric Hatchback: This is IT

The Tata Nano is all set to go electric but with a different badge on the bonnet. It’s now called the Jayem Neo and no less than 400 units of the electric car will be supplied to cab aggregator Ola, who will deploy this car to multiple cities across the country. Jayem Automotive is an engineering company that’s been a long time supplier of Tata Motors. Now, Jayem Automotive is assembling the Neo Electric by sourcing the body shell and cycle parts from Tata Motors, and assembling it in Coimbatore. Jayem is using a 23 HP electric motor that runs on a 48V electric powertrain. Other details of the Jayem Neo electric hatchback are under wraps for now.

In due course of time, Tata Motors is expected to offer the Jayem Neo with the Tata badge on the bonnet. This is said to be the next big step for the Nano, whose petrol version is not selling well in India. Adding an electric powertrain to the Nano could give the hatchback a new lease of life.

Electric cars are close to the tipping point in most developed countries, and are expected to replace mainstream cars in the next few years. In India as well, electric cars could replace petrol and diesel powered cars in the next 10 years. Tata Motors, like many other automakers, is betting big on electric cars.

Ola, the cab aggregator, is also making a major push towards electrifying its cab fleet. By 2021, Ola wants to have no less than a million electric vehicles on its platform. The million electric vehicles will include both electric three wheelers and electric cars. The idea behind this move is multi-fold. 1. It can greatly reduce running costs of cars as electricity is a lot cheaper than petrol currently. 2. It will reduce pollution levels at least from tail pipes of cars as electric cars don’t have an exhaust in the first place. 3. It will reduce India’s dependence on expensive petroleum imports.