Tata Nano converted into an EV: Check it out [Video]

Tata Nano, which was launched as the most affordable car in the world. It was discontinued due to the low popularity in the market among various other reasons. However, it was a perfect car for crowded cities and also as a personal car for the people from Tier-II and Tier-III cities. Well, even though the Nano never it big on the sales chart, there were many who bought it for its practicality. There are still several Tata Nano hatchbacks that you can spot on the roads. Well, this owner of the Nano has converted the car into an EV and is probably the only Nano EV in India.

The person who has uploaded the video on his channel Technical Partha has not shared many details but he has mentioned that two 1500 watts BLDC electric motors were used in the Nano. The stock Nano came with a petrol engine mounted to the rear of the car and the video shows that the petrol engine has been replaced with the electric motors. The car remains RWD.

There is a 70 Ah battery pack and it has been positioned inside the car. The video then shows the speed and acceleration on the Nano on the roads. Since the electric motors are not as powerful, they really struggle to push the Nano further. The car can be seen struggling to catch on to speed and slowly reaches a maximum speed of 50 km/h. Since a GPS speed was recorded it is the true speed of the vehicle without any speedometer error. There is no transmission involved in this and the two electric motors power the rear wheels directly.

Tata Nano converted into an EV: Check it out [Video]

The video also does not give any details of the charging time and range. It looks like a home project and is very crude. Yes, one can refine it and make it into a much better car but it will require a lot more money.

There are kits available in the market that allow commercial vehicles to be retrofitted with an electric drivetrain. These kits have not become widely popular as of now since they are only approved for commercial use but in the future, we may see more cars getting converted to electric vehicles. It should be noted that doing such transformation jobs at home is illegal and can get your vehicle seized by the cops. Transformation such as these means that the structure of the vehicle needs be altered and also the stock engine is not powering the vehicle anymore.