Overtaking Gone Wrong: Reckless Tata Nano Crashes Into Biker [Video]

tata nano biker crash kerala

Driving is a task that requires one to be extremely careful and patient, especially in India, where you must watch out for obstacles that can appear out of nowhere. There have been several instances where impatient or reckless drivers have caused chaos on the roads, resulting in accidents. Here, we have a video of a careless Tata Nano driver who lost control while overtaking on a curve and hit a biker in front of him.

The video has been circulating on Reddit and other social media platforms. It doesn’t specify the exact location, but it appears to be somewhere in Kerala or South India. The video of this accident was recorded on the dash camera of a vehicle that was passing through the same road.

There aren’t many vehicles on the road, and it seems to pass through a village. A few vehicles pass by from the opposite direction. As the car continues, it ascends a small hill with a curve. The road markings are distinct, indicating no overtaking.

The car is following the motorcycle while maintaining a safe distance. As the car comes closer to the curve, a Tata Nano unexpectedly emerges from behind. The Nano Twist driver attempts to overtake on the curve but loses control in the process.

The compact hatchback swerves aggressively from side to side as the driver struggles to gain control, but his efforts are in vain. The car ends up overtaking the motorcycle ahead. Shortly after passing the bike, the Nano crashes into a coconut tree on the roadside. Upon impact, the front of the car is damaged, and the rear even goes airborne for a few seconds before landing back on the road.

While all this is happening, the biker is trying to escape from the spot without injuring himself. However, it appears he is not too lucky. The rear of the Tata Nano hits the biker, and the rider loses balance almost immediately.

Overtaking Gone Wrong: Reckless Tata Nano Crashes Into Biker [Video]
Nano hits biker

He falls on the road along with the bike. All this happens in just a matter of seconds. The car capturing the video manages to stop while maintaining a safe distance. The motorcyclist, thrown onto the road by the collision, manages to move away from the road to a safer spot. Nearby residents quickly approach the car and the bike to offer assistance. A dried coconut palm leaf obstructs the path for oncoming vehicles in the opposite lane.

The Tata Nano driver is to blame in this case. He was too impatient and was attempting to overtake on a curve. The tall-boy design of the Tata Nano makes it prone to losing control, as evident in this case. The reckless driver not only wrecks his vehicle but also inconveniences other road users and damages other vehicles.

The motorcyclist, who was adhering to lane discipline, also falls victim to this accident. Fortunately, there were not many vehicles on the road, and injuries caused to the rider are probably minor. We do not see the Nano driver in this video. Hopefully he also escaped the crash without any major injuries.