Tata Nano CX: Price, specs

Okay, now we come to the middle-of-the road, or the middle of the range Nano, the Tata Nano CX.

The Nano CX version is available in both Bharat Stage II compliant and Stage III complaint versions. There is a price difference too, between the two.

What do you get? Fve colour choices, and four paint types, plus the above mentioned emission types. The BS II version of the Nano CX is available in  solid paint and a metallic paint versions.

Tata Nano CX price

Ex-showroom price of the Nano CX with solid paint and BS II, at Pantnagar, where Tata Motors manufactures the car, is Rs. 1,39,780.

Ex-showroom prices for Delhi and Mumbai are not available at this point, but expect to pay around Rs 3000 more in Delhi. In Mumbai, the price would be somewhere around Rs 10,000 more than that. Effectively Rs 1.5 lakh. On-road price of the Nano CX would be even higher and inch closer to Rs 1.7 lakhs in Mumbai, we think.

The Tata Nano CX BSII version with metallic paint Rs 1,42,780 in Pantnagar ex-showroom, Rs 3,000 more than the solid paint version. Prices would be correspondingly higher in Mumbai and Delhi.

Now we come to the Nano CX with solid paint and BS III compliancy, and the Pantnagar ex-showroom price goes up to Rs 1,45,725. It costs Rs 1,48,360 ex-showroom Delhi, and Rs 1,60,320 Mumbai. For on-road price, add some Rs 20,000 to it. (It could be more)

For the Nano CX with metallic paint and BS III, the price is 1,48,725 ex-showroom Pantnagar, Rs 1,51,360 ex-showroom Delhi and Rs 1,63,320 ex-showroom Mumbai. On-road prices, as before!

The Nano CX can be booked at Rs 120,000 – but we think if you go to any of Tata Motors’ preferred partners, you can do the booking at Rs 3,000 and pay the rest when the booking is approved. No one seems to be very clear about this part.

Tata Nano CX features

What do you get in the Nano CX, on top of the standard lowest priced version?

The engine specifications remain the same for the Nano CX – nothign changes. But what you get is a heater and air conditioner, and power steering.Front power windows are available only in the top end LX version.

The five colours available are Ivory White, Racing Red, Summer Blue, Champange Gold and Lunar Silver.

There is a rear view mirror only on the driver’s side, and its black. No foglamps, no alloy wheels, an aero kit, 2 speed wiper.

The top end LX Nano as well as the CX would get dual tone vinyl upholstery and polyester fabric roofing. The CX and the LX both get rear parcel shelf, A and B pillar trimming, while the electronic trip meter is available only in the LX.

The Nano CX gets a two spoke steering wheel like the Standard Nano, while the LX version gets a three spoke steering wheel.

No cup-holders for the standard and the CX Nano versions, that’s a feature only for the top end version.

The standard Nano gets a driver seat with only a slider mechanism. Move back and forth, but no seat angle adjustments. But if you opt for the CX version, you get adjustable seats to recline as you wish. Rear seat headrests are also available in the CX and the LX versions, but not in the standard Nano. Central locking too not available in the CX.