Tata Nano Electric by Jayem Automotive: Perfect city car that offers 150 kilometers range [Video]

Tata Nano was probably one of the most ambitious car that was ever launched in the Indian market. The car launched with an aim to make an affordable car for Indian families that have been travelling on two-wheelers. The project was the brainchild of Mr. Ratan Tata. Lately we have been hearing a lot about electric cars and Tata Nano’s name had also appeared in the list. It was never meant to be an electric car but, there are few examples of the same in our country. Coimbatore-based Jayem Automotive who had built the  Tiago JTP and Tigor JTP had built an electric version of Tata Nano for fleet buyers. Here we have a video that shares how does a Tata Nano EV it feel to drive.

The video has been shared by Talking Cars on their YouTube channel. The car seen here is actually a properly engineered electric version of Tata Nano made by Jayem Automotive. The name of the car has been changed and it is now known as Jayem Neo. The Tata and Nano badge from the body panels have been removed for the same. The car is based on the XM variant of Nano. From the looks of it, the car looks just like any other regular Nano on the road. The dimensions, design and even the interior of the car remains the same. The only noticeable change inside the cabin is the new digital instrument cluster that has been developed for this car.

Tata offered the basic shell and essential electricals and mechanicals to Jayem and they installed the EV kit into the car. As mentioned above, this was a project that had started way before electric vehicles became popular in the market. There were no subsidies from state or central government available during that time. Launching a car like this for the public meant, it would have a high price tag and that is not going to attract customers in any manner. In order to solve this issue, they got in touch with fleet buyers with the aim to use these cars as taxi vehicles.

Tata Nano Electric by Jayem Automotive: Perfect city car that offers 150 kilometers range [Video]

Jayem bagged an order for around 400-450 vehicles but sadly these vehicles were delivered during the peak Covid time. Not many people knew that a car like this existed for the same reason. The Jayem Neo or Tata Nano electric is a low-power EV and it uses a 17.7 kWh battery pack. The battery pack is placed under the driver and co-passenger seat of the Nano. The battery is safely sealed inside a metal case to avoid any accidents. The Nano EV supports fast charging but the port is different from the ones that we see on modern cars. It uses a GBT port and the 15 AMP charger has a regular port. Both these ports are placed under the bonnet.

The video mentions that the car feels a lot more refined as there is no petrol engine in the car. Refinement was a major issue in Tata Nano and that has been solved in this version. It feels peppy and also comes with a Sport mode to improve performance. The car has a top-speed of around 80-85 kmph which is sufficient if you are driving it inside the city. Tata Nano EV is a perfect city car as it can be easily squeezed into spaces were normally a car won’t go. The electric motor is mounted at the rear and it is still a rear-wheel drive car. The 15 Kw motor generates about 23 bhp and around 45 Nm of torque. The car has a certified range of 200 km but, the instrument cluster shows around 164 km when fully charged. In real world conditions, the Nano EV will return around 150 km range which is sufficient if you are buying it as a city car only. Jayem Neo or Nano EVs have started surfacing online on used car platforms and we might soon started seeing more of these on the road.

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