Tata Nano electric spotted

Tata launched the Nano with high expectations, hoping it would displace the Alto from the highest selling car. While initial response was good for the vehicle, it really failed in creating a stir. So low have been the sales recently that the company was considering to withdraw the model. It now seems that the company is testing a full electric version of the Nano, as spotted by Team Bhp.

Tata Nano electric spotted

While the vehicle, which was spotted in Coimbatore looked like a normal Nano, the Gen X variant, it had a 4BNEC-A08 sticker, indicating that it is indeed an electric vehicle.

While details on what sort of electric motor the car will have are not clear, there is a rumor that the company will introduce the model later in the year. The company is most likely going to sell it as a commercial proposition, to fleet owners. It is believed that the electric Nano will have a higher range than the E2O Plus, thus making it easier for taxi operators.

This is not the first electric car that is being tested by the company. They had previously tested the Bolt EV, which they ended up not going further with in the Indian market and now they have also showcased the Tiago EV, a car which the company will most likely bring to the Indian market soon. All the electric vehicle are being developed at the company’s European Technical Center in the UK.

This is not the first time the vehicle has been spotted. It is believed that the vehicle has been spotted around the same place a few times before as well, which means Tata is going all out to test the Nano EV, ahead of launching the product either later in the year or next year.

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