Tata Nano Europa detailed revealed

Remember the Tata Nano Europa, planned for a launch in the European market for some time later? AutoCar UK has revealed more information about the Nano Europa now.

Tata Nano Europa detailed revealed
Tata Nano Europa photo

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Most important development is that the Nano Europa will be given a 3-cylinder 1000 cc engine by Tata, which is capable of producing 60 bhp. The Indian Tata Nano, in all its variants, uses a 624 cc two cylinder 33 bhp engine. Good enough to propel the Indian Nano in our local conditions, but not good enough for Europe or America. AutoCar also says that the new engine will give the Tata Nano Europa higher sustainable speeds, while still keeping emissions low and fuel efficiency high. The car will also get a new five speed manual gearbox with longer gearing to suit its higher speeds. The Indian Tata Nano has a maximum speed of 105 kmph.

The next big change is related to safety. Europe has high crash safety standards, in its Indian avatar, it is unlikely the Nano would meet those standards. Therefore, Tata Motors has increased the length of the car by up to eight inches. That should be sufficient to meet the crash test standards, hopefully. The Nano had earlier passed the European NCAP crash tests, both offset front and side impact. We are not sure of the extra length added to the Nano Europa is therefore for improving crash safety beyond what it was, or for some other purpose such as increasing passenger space inside the car.

Airbags for the driver and passenger, ABS and traction control, and independent rear suspension are the other additions for the Tata Nano Europa. Tata Motors has been considering a rear hatch for the Nano for easier access to the engine which is positioned at the rear – but they have not decided on this yet.

It is believed that after the modifications, and when it is finally ready for sales in Europe, the Tata Nano Europa is going to be priced between 4000-5000 pounds in the UK. American price should be similar too.

The Nano Europa which was displayed at the Geneva show had 14 inch ally wheels – but this may not be there for the production version.

Tata Nano is not yet being produced at its maximum capacity. Tata Motor’s plant in Sanand is expected to get fully productive only some time in 2010. The company is also facing the problem of cancellations, due to the long waiting period. There was also a bit of controversy about some electricals of the car leading to a few rare small fires – but it seems the company has handled that.

Meanwhile, the Nano has already served to reduce prices of used cars in the Indian market.

Tata is not resting on its reputation, however. The company already has plans to introduce diesel, micro-hybrid, CNG and electric versions of the Nano – all of which would be introduced earliest by 2010-end (which we think is unlikely) and possibly in 2011-2012. These new engines / motors too should find their way to the Tata Nano Europa when they are ready.

What some of us would like to know is – does Tata Motors have any plans to introduce the Nano Europa in India? Very unikely, or at least Tata has not mentioned anything of the sort ever. What we have for now is a designer version of the Tata Nano designed by Dilip Chhabria of DC Designs. We personally think it is ugly – but if you want a different Nano, that is all you are going to get for now.