Tata Nano in the 1960s: What it would have looked like

Tata Nano was one of the most sensational car ever launched in the Indian market. The reason why it became talk of the town was because it was launched as the most affordable or cheapest car in the world. Nano project was actually Ratan Tata’s brain child as he wanted to do something to make cars even more affordable and accessible to common man. Tata Nano when launched was so popular that several international medias also covered the news. Unfortunately, Tata Nano did not become as successful as expected because of various reasons. One of them was the marketing strategy (world’s cheapest car) which we Indians did not like. We think, if Tata had launched Nano a decade ago or in 60s, customer response would have been a lot different. It would have probably been a hit product in the market. Here we have a render that shows how, Nano might have looked like in the 1960s.

Tata Nano Vintage

This render has been created by Cartoq’s inhouse render artist Vipin Vathoopan. The render is basically a re-imagined version of modern day Tata Nano. Looking at the render it does not look like the Nano that we have seen on the road. As this is meant for customers in 1960s, several changes have been made to the car to give it a retro look and feel.

Starting with the front, artist has replaced the stock headlamp and replaced it with round retro looking halogen units. The headlights are not actually a part of the body but, it actually pops out a bit. The turn indicators and pilot lamps are also placed right under the headlamps. As Nano is a rear engine car, the space under the hood is vacant and cant be used as a storage space. The boot is actually gets chrome finished handle bar to open it. It is similar to what we have seen in vintage cars.

Tata Nano 1960 1

Right below the boot, there is chrome strip that acts as a space to fix the registration plate. The front bumper in Tata Nano was actually made from plastic but, here in this render, it gets chrome plated metal bar to give it that retro feel. The whole car gets a dual tone paint job. Body has been painted in red whereas the roof and the pillars get a white shade. The old Tata logo is also fixed at the front of the car.

Moving to the side profile, the retro looks is seen here as well. The body coloured ORVMs are replaces with regular unit which is connected to the body using a stalk. The stalks and the mirror all gets a chrome plating. The other noticeable change here is the wheels. It now gets silver hubcaps and the steel rims are painted white. The use of chrome on door handles and the rear bumper can be seen here in the image.

It still has four doors and looks the same dimension-wise. The image does not show how the rear might looks like but, we are pretty sure that it will get a different retro looking tail lamps and bumper. Overall, the render looks pretty neat and if Tata had launched it in the 1960s, then it would have surely been a game changing product in Indian automotive history.