Tata Nano Twist gets a big 45,000 rupee discount; Now available at 1.99 lakh rupees

Tata Nano Twist gets a big 45,000 rupee discount; Now available at 1.99 lakh rupees

The Tata Nano Twist has just received a large discount of 45,000 rupees. The top-end car in the Nano range is now available at 1.99 lakh rupees, ex-showroom Bangalore. The new price of the Nano Twist makes the car about 20 % cheaper, offering good value to the customer. This offer is valid until the 30th of November.

Tata Nano Twist Pic
Tata Nano Twist, with a large 45,000 rupee discount


Launched early this year, the Nano Twist XT received revised interiors and an electric power steering as its major feature additions. The Nano Twist XT is aimed at buyers looking for a compact car that offers peppy performance, terrific fuel efficiency and a low purchase price.

Aimed mainly at city car buyers, the Nano Twist’s power steering with the active return function is designed to make tight parking a breezy affair. The car continues to use a 623 cc, twin cylinder petrol engine that outputs 37 Bhp-51 Nm. A four speed manual gearbox that drives the rear wheels is standard fare.

The Nano Twist XT uses drum brakes on all four wheels while the wheels up front are narrower than those at the rear. This bit of engineering, by design, is meant to induce understeer to the Nano, thereby preventing the rear from stepping out/oversteer. The Nano’s engineering team intentionally put this feature in place as understeer is easier to control than oversteer for most drivers.

Tata Motors has new variants of the Nano lined up for a 2015 launch. The facelifted Nano will get styling updates that will give the car a more aggressive front end. In terms of feature additions, a 5 speed automated manual transmission, larger fuel tank and a openable hatch lid will be includes in the facelifted Nano, due to make a mid-2015 debut in India.

The Nano is produced at Sanand, a manufacturing facility that is dedicated to the production of the Nano. Lately, Sanand has not been operating at full tilt given the poor demand for the Nano in India. With new variants and constant refreshes, Tata Motors will be hoping to make the Nano a better selling car.