Tata Nano XE Twist with Power Steering Launched

The Tata Nano is India’s least priced car. Though launched as a very basic means of four wheeled motoring, the hatchback has steadily gained features as years have passed. An electric power steering has been the most recent feature addition on the car, and one that has made it a much more practical option for city streets. This is especially so, since the effort required to steer the Nano at parking speeds belied the car’s lightness. Now, the electric power steering equipped Nano is more affordable than ever before, what with the car now available in XE Twist trim.

Tata Nano XE Twist  with Power Steering Launched

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The Nano XE Twist is priced at 2.06 lakh rupees, ex-showroom Delhi, nearly 40,000 rupees cheaper than the XT Twist variant. This price also makes the hatchback the least priced, power steering equipped car in India, continuing to underscore the vehicle’s positioning as a budget means of urban mobility. In terms of mechanicals, the 623cc twin cylinder petrol engine with 37 Bhp-51 Nm outputs is retained, along with the four speed manual transmission that drives the rear wheels. On the features front though, it’s deletions galore as Tata Motors has used the axe liberally.

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So, what does the Nano XE Twist miss out on? Here are some answers. On the outside, body coloured bumpers, wing mirror housings and door handles are now blacked out. Fog lamps are replaced by bumper inserts. Wheel covers are done away with while the roof mounted antenna and rear spoiler also get the cut. The exterior changes are rounded off with the chrome strip getting the boot. On the inside, power windows, central locking, keyless entry, stereo, rear parcel shelf and the twin tone dashboard are notable omissions. Air conditioning remains standard with heating function omitted.

The Tata Nano is also available with a Petrol-CNG dual fuel option

On the whole, the Nano XE is a cut-price variant of the car that keeps the most important bit, the power steering, while doing away with non-essentials. The buyer may not mind these deletions considering that Tata Motors’ dealers will be offering most of these parts as accessories. Therefore, the buyer gets to pick and choose from what s/he wants rather than leaving the manufacturer to decide. And that is a wonderful thing indeed as it puts both money and the decisions making firmly in the buyer’s control. The car is available in white, silver and gold colours.

Will anyone buy the Nano XE Twist, at 2.06 lakh rupees? The reason we’re bringing up this, is because of this.

Tata Nano XE Twist  with Power Steering Launched
Tata Motors is officially offering a 60,000 rupee discount on the Nano Twist XT.

With the Twist XT going for a price tag well under 2 lakh rupees, why would anyone buy the Nano Twist XE. This is something that product planners at Tata Motors Limited will have to ponder about.

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