Nexon saves passengers after a huge hoarding falls on it: Tata Motors makes safety ad on it [Video]

Tata Nexon became India’s first-ever car to get a perfect 5-star rating. In fact, it is currently the only five-star rated, made-in-India car by the G-NCAP. There are many Tata customers who have written testimonials about the strongly build Nexon and many other Tata cars. In of such incidents, a huge hoarding fell over the Tata Nexon. The result? Well, here is a video to show that.

The incident took place in Dehradun earlier this year. During a thunderstorm, high-speed winds caused a big advertisement hoarding to tumble and fall. Incidentally, the Tata Nexon was parked right under the billboard and there were occupants inside the vehicle too. However, showing how safe the Tata Nexon is in real life, the occupants got out of the vehicle soon after and were visibly shocked because of the incident. All the occupants were extremely shocked and ran away from the vehicle. There were four passengers inside the vehicle and all of them escape without any injuries.

The whole incident got captured in a CCTV installed to keep an eye on the parking lot. The occupants walking away from the vehicle after the extremely heavy fell down on it is quite amazing and shows the structural strength of the vehicle. Tata is currently using the same video through newsletters to promote the Nexon’s safety aspect and attract customers.

During the official test done by the Global-NCAP safety rating agency, the Tata Nexon scored a massive 16.06 points out of 17 points for adult safety. The test also mentions that the cabin of the Tata Nexon is stable and this CCTV footage is proof of the same. Modern-day vehicles are designed to absorb the impact from the front but a safe car always offer a robust cabin design that will save the passengers in an event of accident, roll-over or such mishaps due to the fury of nature. A stable cabin will ensure minimal injuries to the passengers.

Tata Nexon

Parking a vehicle near such heavy objects during thunderstorms is not a good idea at all. Such hoardings can sway away due to high-speed winds and can come tumbling down. The same goes for trees and electrical poles. Even if the trees are considered much stabler, it sure is not a good idea to park the vehicle close to them during windy conditions. Even if the trunk of the tree is stable enough, the branches might break and fall on the vehicle. The small branches can cause a lot of damage to the vehicle. Older trees or dying trees do not have strong roots and can uproot during windy conditions.

This is not a single incident where the occupants of the Tata Nexon got saved due to the sturdy quality of the vehicle. In the past, many Tata Nexon owners have written stories about the vehicle’s strong body and how the Nexon saved them during major accidents.