Infotainment systems of Tata Nexon, Altroz, Harrier & Safari to get local languages soon

Tata Motors recently updated the infotainment system of the Altroz and Nexon with keyless screens. Now Harman International and Mihup Communications have partnered to bring local or vernacular languages to the infotainment system of Tata cars in India. The collaboration will bring a number of Indian national language and dialect support to the Tata cars.

Infotainment systems of Tata Nexon, Altroz, Harrier & Safari to get local languages soon

Mihup is a start-up based in Kolkata, West Bengal. It says that Tata Motors vehicles already had an in-vehicle voice assistant. However, it has a very limited dictionary and in absence of vernacular languages, most people cannot use this feature. Tata wanted an embedded solution to make the experience of using the infotainment system hands-free for the drivers.

The new system, which is known as AVA Auto improves the accessibility of the infotainment system. It offers both online, offline and hybrid options among many other features. Currently, it offers Hinglish (Hindi+English). However, soon, the AVA system will also support the Bengali and Tamil languages. By 2022, the start-up will add more vernacular languages to the AVA system.

Almost all the cars sold in India offer voice assistance-based commands. However, most of them support only English. MG Motors started offering Hinglish commands with its Hector and following, a few more manufacturers started offering the same.

Mihup also claims that according to their research, there will be an estimated 8 billion voice assistance in use by 2023. About 95% of customers are expected to use in-vehicle voice assistance by 2022. Monthly, 60 per cent of people use in-vehicle voice assistance and commands compared to smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home.

New infotainment

Tata has already updated the infotainment system of the Tata Altroz hatchback and the Tata Nexon sub-4m SUV. The new infotainment system is loaded with AVA and already offers voice-based control of various features in the vehicle. It includes controlling the AC, volume of the infotainment system, AM/FM and music system. The system also supports making phone calls and playing music from USB.

Tata to launch new cars and SUVs

Tata is working to launch a slew of all-new cars and SUVs in the Indian market. Starting with the Altroz iTurbo and the all-new Safari earlier this year, Tata will launch the production version of the HBX concept later this year.

The all-new car will be an entry-level crossover for the brand that will take on the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Ignis and the Mahindra KUV100. In fact, the upcoming Hyundai AX, which is currently getting tested in South Korea will also appear in the market later this year. Tata is also planning to launch the electric version of the Altroz in the Indian market in the coming months as the Nexon EV is doing quite well and has also become the best-selling electric car in the Indian market.

Tata Safari, which was launched earlier this year has also become very popular in the market. It has a waiting period of months depending on the city and the variant of the model.