How to start a Tata Nexon when the key fob battery is DEAD [Video]

A lot of cars these days are now being offered with a keyless entry and start/stop setup. What happens if the battery for your car for some unfortunate reason dies on you. In the video seen below, Youtube channel Powerstroke PS shows how you can start your keyless entry car even if the key fob battery dies.

The video starts with the youtuber showing the regular process getting inside the car when the battery is still working. He presses a button on the door handle of the Nexon with the key fob inside his pocket and gets inside. He then tosses the key into storage space just ahead of the gearstick and then pushes down the clutch ( if you’re driving an automatic, press the brake pedal) and presses the start/stop button to start the Nexon.

To demonstrate what happens in case a battery dies out, the youtube locks the Nexon’s doors and then removes the battery from the key fob. Now with no power going to the key fob, the small button on the door handle no longer recognises the key and refuses to open. He then uses the regular key blade that is present on the key fob to get inside.

He then gets the key fob near the antenna for the centre console’s receiver setup for the keyless setup and the Nexon’s alarm setup goes off. Instead of panicking, the youtuber presses down on the clutch and then presses the start/stop button three to four times and the Nexon’s engine rumbles into life.

How to start a Tata Nexon when the key fob battery is DEAD [Video]

He then proceeds to switch off the engine to try and do it one more time. He then presses the clutch pedal and pushes the start/stop button two times and the key fob telltale light starts glowing on the instrument cluster of the Nexon, which is due to the fact the signal from the smart key takes longer to be detected due to the lack of a battery to help push out the signal. He then depresses the start/stop button twice more and the Nexon comes back to life once again.

*Please Note: The method has only been tested on the Tata Nexon by the Youtuber and could vary from car to car.