Tata Nexon catches fire: Alert security guards put out blaze in minutes [Video]

Fire incidents can occur anywhere and there could be a number of reasons behind them. They can be extremely dangerous and can become deadly really quickly. However, if the people around are alert and have the correct equipment with them they can prevent it from becoming big. Recently an example of the quick responsiveness of people in the surroundings was shared on YouTube where a Tata Nexon petrol sub-compact SUV caught fire at a gate and the security guards immediately extinguished it.

The incident of this particular Nexon catching on fire was shared on YouTube by DWA Cars on their channel. The video starts with the host of the channel driving in his car where he starts off by saying that for on-road safety, we have a ton of features in cars today but if an incident like the car catching fire occurs then what features do we have? Following this, he shares the video where we can see a Tata Nexon coming near a gate with a fire underneath it. It can be noted that a security guard in the right side on distance from the car and gate first saw the fire and as the car approached the check point he alerted the other guard.

Following this the first guard rushes inside to get a fire extinguisher and the guard from the distance also ran towards the check point to get another fire extinguisher. We can then note that the driver and passenger of the Nexon also immediately open the door and run away from the car as fast as they can. Later a few more guards quickly come to the car with fire extinguishers and hose it down with them. The CCTV footage shows the entire process.

After all the guards start pouring down on the Nexon a huge white cloud forming in front of the camera can be noted. Later the situation gets under control and the fire under the car gets completely extinguished. As of yet there is no information available that tells why this fire started in the first place. But the presenter in the video states that it could because of potential leak in the fuel lines in the engine compartment. He adds that its a good thing that this incident occurred in a place where fire extinguishers were available because if it would have been in a highway the situation would have been a lot different.

Tata Nexon catches fire: Alert security guards put out blaze in minutes [Video]

Just a few months ago, an MG Hector also caught on fire. The incident was shared on Twitter by a user named Pradeepa Rao, who shared a few pictures and a video of her black-coloured MG Hector petrol automatic catching fire out in the open. According to Pradeepa, she, her friend and her pet were in the SUV and while driving, it stopped abruptly, after which she noticed smoke coming out of its bonnet of Hector. Showing promptness in this situation, the car owner, her friend and her pet came out of the vehicle. Within 15 minutes, the MG Hector burnt to ashes, leaving behind a completely charred-out vehicle.

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