Watch Tata Nexon climbing a 20 foot sand dune like a boss

The compact SUV segment is one of the most popular segments in the Indian market. Now, almost every manufacturer has a compact SUV in their line-up. Manufacturers have realised the importance of this segment. One of the most popular compact SUVs in the Indian market is the Tata Nexon. Here, is a video in which we can see a Tata Nexon climbing a steep sand dune.

The owner of this Nexon is Satyendu Sar and he is also driving the compact SUV. Satyendu did not know that someone is recording his run and this video is of his second attempt because he failed to reach the peak in his first attempt. The video was shot at Osian, Rajasthan.

In the video, we can see that the Nexon starts from quite behind to make momentum for the steep climb. The Nexon is able to climb up the sand dune quite easily. It follows a trail that was made by a previous vehicle that climbed up the sand dune.

Watch Tata Nexon climbing a 20 foot sand dune like a boss

Nexon has a ground clearance of 209 mm which is very good. So, the Nexon can tackle bad patches of the road quite easily. Also, it has a very good approach angle. The compact SUV did not bottom out anywhere and nor did its bumper touched the sand.

The Nexon was moving around in the deep ruts that were made by the previous vehicle. However, the SUV did reach the top of the sand dune. Having said that no information is known regarding the drive mode or the powertrain of the Nexon. So, we do not know whether the Nexon had a petrol engine or a diesel engine.

A lot of things could go wrong

It is important to remember that Nexon is a front-wheel-drive vehicle and it is not meant to go off-road. Another thing we can notice is that the Nexon is using stock road-biased tyres which are not good for off-roading.

Watch Tata Nexon climbing a 20 foot sand dune like a boss
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You would usually see people with a proper 4×4 or at least rear-wheel-drive vehicles tackling such kinds of terrains. Often they also use off-road based tyres because they provide better grip in off-road situations. Having said that, for a road-biased compact SUV, Nexon performed quite well.

Driving on such terrains can damage a lot of parts of the vehicle. Because of the massive jolts the steering assembly and shock absorbers can get damaged. Replacing them would be very costly. Also, there could be massive rocks that are hidden under the sand. So, they could hit the bottom of the SUV and can damage the underbody. The rocks can also damage the radiator and engine sump. If the radiators get damaged then the engine won’t be able to cool down properly and you would have to get a new radiator that might be expensive.

The highest chances are that a vehicle can get stuck because of loss of traction or it can get beached. Then another vehicle would have to come and rescue the stuck vehicle. So, it is very dangerous to tackle such kinds of terrains alone.