Watch the Tata Nexon climbing a steep 20 feet sand wall

With the popularity of the sub-4m compact SUVs in the Indian market rising, manufacturers have populated the segment with a number of vehicles. Tata entered the sub-4m compact SUV segment a few years ago with the Nexon and it has become quite popular. Like all other vehicles in the segment, the Nexon is a city car but it does get a few modes. The owner of the car – Satyendu Sar tested the limits of his Nexon by making it climb on a 20 feet high sand dune.

The video was recorded unexpectedly as the owner did not know that someone was recording him at that time. This video is of the second attempt to climb the dune as he failed during the first attempt. The video from Osian, Rajasthan and the video was made by Manish Ojha.

In the video, Nexon takes a long run to build momentum for the steep climb. The vehicle climbs without any problem and it sailed smoothly to the top of the dune. Due to the high ground clearance and a high approach angle, the bottom of the Nexon did not touch at any place.

With the momentum, the Tata Nexon reaches the top of the sand dunes. Now we are not sure about the drive mode of the Nexon as there is no information available. Due to the deep ruts made by the other vehicles trying to climb the dune, the Nexon did move around a bit but the underbody did not touch the dunes.

One should note that the Tata Nexon is a front-wheel-drive car and they are capable and more successful when climbing inclines compared to the RWD vehicles. With the stock tarmac-biased tyres, the Nexon did quite well on the sand dunes.

But things could have gone wrong

Watch the Tata Nexon climbing a steep 20 feet sand wall

Taking a regular road-going car to such extremes sure tells us about its capabilities. The Nexon, as we all know, is a five-star safety rated vehicle by Global NCAP – the first one in the Indian market to get the perfect rating. However, with rough driving through such terrains, a lot can go wrong.

The steering rack can get damaged due to the jolts in the terrain. Also, in the sand dunes, there are a lot of rocks hidden deep inside. Any rock hit in the bottom of the vehicle can cause a major leak in the radiator and can also damage the engine sump. Such incidents can cause engine failure.

The suspension can also get badly damaged due to the heavy jolts. Other than that, the most common problem – the vehicle can get stuck in such terrains and it does require a lot of effort to rescue cars from such situations.

The Tata Nexon has become quite popular in the Indian market and it takes on the cars like Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, Hyundai Venue, Mahindra XUV300, Kia Seltos and more such cars.