Watch Tata Nexon climb a rough & steep mountain road

Sub-4 meter compact SUV segment is one of the most popular car segment in Indian market. In the last couple of years, we have seen several manufacturers entering this segment due to its popularity. The segment has become so popular that almost every manufacturer in the country has at least one product in this segment. Tata Nexon is one such popular SUV in the segment. It competes with cars like Maruti Brezza, Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonet, Mahindra XUV300 and recently launched Nissan Magnite and Renault Kiger. We have seen several videos of Nexon on the internet and here we have one more where a Nexon diesel is driven on a steep and rough mountain road.

The video has been uploaded by Ridiculously Amazing on their YouTube channel. The vlogger starts this video by saying that it is an old video and he is publishing because he cannot go out due to current pandemic situation. In this video he talks about a particular stretch where the road was totally broken and was filled with rock. One side of road was a hill and on the other side, it was steep drop.

Vlogger had arrived at this place in the evening and it had started getting dark. The road was quite steep and the surface was quite uneven. In the video, a Mahindra Pickup can also be seen going in front of them. The pickup climbed up the section quite smoothly as it was 4×4 version. There was a hairpin turn after which he had climb again.

Vlogger turned and started climbing the section and after a point, he realised that the Nexon’s front wheel had started loosing traction and were spinning as the surface was filled with loose rocks. He stopped the car and took it back to the bottom and tried again. He drove it up to a point and after that, he was unable to go any further. He had couple of people with him in the car. They got out and started guiding him.

Watch Tata Nexon climb a rough & steep mountain road

After trying couple of times, Nexon finally climbed up. He said if was only after climbing up, he realised that he had not put the car in Sport mode for an aggressive throttle response. He was climbing the section in City mode. He said if he had used Sport mode, then climbing up would have been much more easier.

On his way back from his trip, he used the same road and saw how dangerous road that was. It was only during daylight, he realised  how deep it was on the other side. Tata Nexon is not a proper SUV. It is a crossover and has power only on the front wheels. It is not meant to handle such rough terrains. It is basically meant for highways, city roads and pothole filled roads.

Tata Nexon is available with two engine options. There is a 1.2 litre turbo petrol engine and a 1.5 litre turbo diesel engine. The vlogger was driving was the diesel version which generates 110 Ps and 260 Nm of peak torque. It is available with both manual and AMT gearbox option. Even the petrol gets manual and AMT gearbox option.