Tata Nexon climbs a STEEP 20 feet sand wall [Video]

While Tata Nexon is classified as a sub-4m compact SUV and come with terrain modes, it just is no made for serious off-roading. It is strictly a city car and is meant to be used as a daily car. Let’s look at the video where the Satyendu Sar, the owner of the Nexon drives over a steep sand dune in Osian, Rajasthan.

The video has been uploaded by a youtube channel called Car Stories. The reason and subject of the video seem to be around the difference between a two-wheel drive and 4WD SUV. In the video, the Tata Nexon is seen being driven over a rocky steep section of a hill. It wasn’t a surprise that the Tata Nexon sailed smoothly, owing to the huge ground clearance. Obviously, because of the same reason, the car wasn’t impacted by any damage.

When the vlogger keeps driving higher on the steep, the things started looking a little ‘rocky’. As mentioned before, the Tata Nexon is a typical city car and in the segment of the compact SUV. It is excellent to how it performs on the city drives with the traffic and broken roads with potholes and of course the high-speed breakers. Because, the Tata Nexon is a front-wheel drive, the moment it had hit the rocks, the front wheels are seen losing traction, more so because it was running on regular road tyres.
Tata Nexon climbs a STEEP 20 feet sand wall [Video]

What can go wrong?

  • The complete steering system can get majorly affected by the rocks
  • Driving on the rocky steep patch can lead to the engine scraping on the rocks, going on to develop a severe oil leak. This could cause a major engine failure.
  • Suspension of the car can fail and get damaged.
  • The car can get stuck off the road

An AMT gearbox is anyway not recommended if you wish to use your car for offroading. A combination of a front-wheel-drive and an AMT engine can be much dangerous. It could get you stuck anytime because the engine gets severely damaged during off-roading on a treacherous path. In the video, the track doesn’t seem abnormally tough and after a few tries, the vlogger is able to successfully take it to the top.

Surprisingly, in the same video, they show this older generation of Ford Endeavour climbing almost effortlessly on the same track. The difference is obvious because of the Endeavour is a 4×4. It is seen to have an actual strong grip on all four wheels and smoothly drove through. The driver of the Endeavour didn’t need to put extra throttle and made it look much easier than it actually is.

The Tata Nexon has successfully established its place in the compact SUV market. The sales pitch of the car is clear with its build quality and the car being absolute value for money. It also proudly holds a 5-star rating in Global NCAP crash tests, making it one of the safest cars in its segment. Competitors include Maruti Brezza, Hyundai Venue, Mahindra XUV300 and Ford Ecosport.