Tata Nexon crash caught on cam highlights perils of rash overtaking [VIDEO]

The Tata Nexon is a compact SUV with plenty of power and torque, both in petrol and diesel trim. But overtaking still needs caution, no matter how much power and torque one has at disposal. Here’s a video that shows an overtaking move gone wrong, and it involves a Nexon that tries to pull a fast move, ends up spinning 180 degrees, and crashing. And the entire crash has been caught on camera.

The Nexon first overtakes a hatchback in a rash move, and then has a Maruti 800 coming straight ahead. The Nexon driver seems to clip something while overtaking, and once this happens, the SUV goes out of control, and turns a full 180 degrees, narrowly missing a parked Alto and a large pillar. This could have easily turned out very bad for the Nexon or for that matter any oncoming vehicle.

Dangerous overtaking!

Overtaking needs abundant caution, always. This is exactly where the Nexon driver messed it up by trying a rash maneuver.

  • While overtaking, make sure that there’s enough room at front, especially on roads that don’t have a clear grade separator/divider.
  • The second thing is having enough time on hand for the overtaking maneuver. Lack of time means a big risk of colliding with the vehicle coming in the opposite direction. While overtaking on a road with a grade separator, timing is still critical as there may be slow moving vehicles such as trucks and tractors, and even bullock carts in the fast lane.
  • The third thing is visibility. If you can’t see far enough for a safe overtaking maneuver, don’t overtake. Most people miss this simple yet critical factor while overtaking, often risking it all, and ending up in an accident. A blind overtaking move is an absolute no-no. What this also means is you never, ever overtake on a  blind curve, or at any point that doesn’t give you clear forward visibility.