Tata Nexon Coupe(Blackbird) launch timeline unveiled

Earlier, we reported that Tata Motors has restarted their mid-size SUV project. It will be a coupe version of the Nexon. Now, the launch timeline of the new upcoming mid-size SUV has been revealed. According to Autocar India, Tata will be launching the Nexon Coupe in 2023.

Tata Nexon Coupe(Blackbird) launch timeline unveiled

Nexon Coupe to be launched as an EV first

As we already know, the Nexon Coupe or Blackbird as it is being called internally will be first launched as an electric vehicle. The internal combustion-powered versions will be launched at a later stage. The Blackbird EV would use the same Ziptron powertrain as the Nexon EV and Tigor EV. It is quite possible that the Nexon Coupe EV gets the same 40 kWh battery pack as the upcoming long-range Nexon EV. As of now, we do not know what will be the driving range of the Nexon EV. Tata Motors could also give it a more powerful electric motor because the vehicle would be heavier than the Nexon EV. The Nexon EV’s electric motor produces 129 hp and 245 Nm.

Tata Nexon Coupe(Blackbird) launch timeline unveiled

Petrol and diesel engines will also be on offer

Eventually, Tata Motors will launch petrol and diesel powertrains for the Tata Blackbird. The existing 1.5-litre, four-cylinder, diesel engine will be carried forwarded. This engine is already doing duty on the Nexon and the Altroz. Currently, the engine produces 110 PS of max power and 260 Nm of peak torque. Tata Motors will work on this engine to make it BS6 Stage 2 norms which will be implemented in 2023. We are hoping that Tata Motors would be able to extract more power and torque from the engine.

Tata Nexon Coupe(Blackbird) launch timeline unveiled
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The petrol engine will be a 1.5-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged unit. We will first see this engine on the Harrier and Safari by the end of this year. This engine will produce around 160 bhp of max power. Not much is known about this engine as of now. However, we will be experiencing this engine on some SUVs from Tata Motors.

The manufacturer won’t be using the existing 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine from Nexon for the Blackbird because the new vehicle will be heavier and larger. So, the 1.2-litre engine won’t have the punch that is required. Moreover, Tata Motors won’t be getting any tax advantages by using the smaller vehicle because Nexon Coupe already measures more than 4 metres. So, it makes sense for them to use the bigger and more powerful engine.


Tata Nexon Coupe(Blackbird) launch timeline unveiled

The Nexon Coupe would be based on the X1 platform which is the same platform as the Nexon. However, the manufacturer will increase the length by stretching the rear overhang. The wheelbase will also increase by around 50 mm which will be achieved by revising the wheel geometry.

The front-end design will be heavily redesigned so that no one mistakes it for the Nexon. The A-pillar, windscreen and front doors are expected to be carried forward from the current Nexon. This would help in saving manufacturing costs and development costs.

The rear doors will be longer than the current Nexon. There would be an aggressively sloping roofline that will give a fastback look to the side profile of the Tata Blackbird. Moreover, because of the longer dimensions, the SUV would have larger boot space and more legroom.

Via Autocar India