Brand New Tata Nexon Facelift Crashed Into Wall By Service Center: Owner Happy With Dealer’s Swift Response [Video]

Tata Nexon crashed at dealership

The incidents of cars getting crashed by dealership employees during service are not very uncommon. Over the last few years, we have reported numerous such instances, and the response from different dealerships is always varied. Recently, another such incident took place at a Tata Motors dealership in Noida, where a brand-new top-of-the-line Tata Nexon facelift was crashed into a wall by a dealership employee. The good thing about this incident was that the dealership acted swiftly and rectified their mistake.

Tata Nexon Crashed at Dealership

The videos of the brand-new Tata Nexon facelift getting crashed into a wall at the dealership have been shared on X by the owner of the car, Vikas Jha. There are two videos that have been shared, and in the first video, the car can be seen getting backed up by the dealership employees after it suffered the crash. In the video, it can be noted that the car has suffered substantial cosmetic and some mechanical damage on the front.

We can observe that the front grille has been damaged severely. Additionally, the entire front bumper can be seen with extensive damage, and the paint has come off. Apart from this, on the mechanical end, we can note that there is some white smoke coming out of the front right wheel well. Most likely, it could be a ruptured coolant line or a broken radiator. However, we are not sure.

Brand New Tata Nexon Facelift Crashed Into Wall By Service Center: Owner Happy With Dealer’s Swift Response [Video]

Obstruction During Filming

The owner has shared another small video of the same incident. In this video, which was taken from a different angle where the owner was seen trying to capture what was going on. However, someone from the dealership came and put their hands on the camera, stating that it cannot be filmed. This obstruction of filming is illegal, as the owner was trying to capture evidence for what was done by the dealership.

Tata Motors Response

After this video was shared by the owner of the Nexon, Tata Motors was quick with their response and stated, “Hi Vikas, we’re sorry that you’ve had to face this and would like to help. Please share your primary & alternate contact number, email ID & dealer information via DM, so that we can connect with you for further help.”

Following this, the owner of the car replied, “The service center swiftly replaced damaged parts with new parts on the same day and even treated me to complimentary Teflon coating as a thoughtful gesture!” Soon after this, the company also added, “we’re glad to hear that your concern has been addressed. Do get back to us if you need any further assistance, and we’d be glad to help.”

Other Such Incidents


Back in 2022, another similar incident of a Kia dealership employee crashing a customer’s new Sonet sub-compact SUV was shared online. The CCTV footage of this incident went viral, and the Kia dealership quickly took action. It was reported that Rajesh Kia Motors of Jaipur, Rajasthan, the dealership where the incident took place, replaced his old crashed car with an exact same variant of the Kia Sonet. Also Read: Tata Nexon: Best Petrol Variants for Budget-Conscious Buyers