Tata Nexon crashes into a bridge in thick fog: All passengers safe [Video]

Winters have officially arrived in North India and in the last couple of days, we have seen several videos and reports of accidents on highways and city roads due to low visibility. Driving becomes a lot more challenging during the winter season as the visibility on the road decreases due to fog or smog. We have written about things that one should keep in mind while driving in the winter season. Here we have a video of a Tata Nexon SUV that crashed into the wall of a bridge due to low visibility.

The video has been uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. The accident happened somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. In the last couple of days, North Indian states like Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have been experiencing dense fog in the morning. This means visibility on the road is limited to a few metres only. The accident happened on a narrow bridge over a river in Uttar Pradesh’s Auraiya. The SUV driver did not see the narrow bridge in front due to fog and as per the video, the SUV was carrying good speed too. The Nexon crashed into the wall of the bridge. The SUV actually broke the wall and the front wheels were completely suspended over the river.

Thankfully, the SUV stopped after breaking the wall, if it had not stopped, the Nexon would have fallen into the river and as there is fog all around, people would not have known about the accident too. Thankfully, all three passengers in the car were safe and the front end of the SUV took the impact. From the video, the condition of the SUV does not look too bad. Once again, the build quality of Tata Nexon came in handy as it saved the passenger without any injury.

Tata Nexon crashes into a bridge in thick fog: All passengers safe [Video]

There are couple of things one should keep in mind while driving through dense fog. If you can, then it is best to not drive in such conditions. If you are driving through a new road, the best thing to do is drive slowly and with caution. Use fog lamps and low beam of the headlamp of your vehicle to ensure that other people or drivers on the road can see your car. If you use high beam while driving through fog, the light would only bounce back will decrease the overall visibility. As the visibility is quite low ensure that you are using turn signals in the right manner. Never engage hazard lamps while driving through fog. As the name suggests, these lamps should only be used when there is a hazard like an accident or your vehicle breaks down.

Tata Nexon is a popular compact SUV in its segment. It was the first car in the country to score 5 star rating in Global NCAP crash test. The car is available with both petrol and diesel engine options. The petrol version uses a 1.2 litre turbocharged engine and the diesel engine uses 1.5 litre turbocharged unit. Both petrol and diesel options are available with manual and AMT gearbox options.