Tata Nexon crashes into Ford Endeavour at high-speed; Here is the result

Tata Nexon and Ford Endeavour are two tough SUVs, which are well-known for their sturdy ride and build quality and high safety levels. Both SUVs have a proven track record in numerous accidents, in which they have been able to keep the occupants safe, thus showing off their strong build quality. A recent accident involving both Nexon and Endeavour came into the limelight, which has once again proven the high safety levels claimed by these two SUVs.

The said accident has been reported from Maharashtra, the details of which have been explained in one of the videos from the YouTube channel of Prateek Singh. In the video, it is explained how a Tata Nexon EV and Ford Endeavour were involved in a high-speed crash, leaving the front ends of both SUVs badly damaged.

According to the eyewitnesses of this accident, a speeding black-coloured Ford Endeavour tried to cross a road intersection and collided with a white-coloured Tata Nexon EV. At this moment, the Nexon EV also jumped the signal from the other side, which led to this high-speed clash of these two SUVs.

Both vehicles damaged

Tata Nexon crashes into Ford Endeavour at high-speed; Here is the result

In the visuals shown in the YouTube video, we can see that the front profiles of both the Tata Nexon and Ford Endeavour are badly damaged. The entire powertrain bay of the Nexon EV looks damaged, while the front windscreen also broke in the crash. However, the front pillars of the Nexon EV have absorbed the impact pretty well. There are no signs of damage beyond the front pillars, save for the fact that the front airbags of the Nexon EV have been deployed due to the impact.

The Ford Endeavour involved in this accident also faced major damages to the front three-quarter profile, where we can see the front bumper, headlight, fender and door panels are completely damaged. The impact was so severe that the left front wheel came off the Endeavour and the side and curtain airbags of the SUV got deployed. However, despite the severity of the accident, the occupants in the Endeavour are also reported to be safe.

The Tata Nexon was the first-ever India-made vehicle to score the highest-possible 5-star rating in the Global NCAP crash tests. While the Nexon EV is yet to be tested in the Global NCAP crash tests, because it shares its entire body with the ICE version of Nexon, it is also expected to have the same safety ratings. Meanwhile, the Ford Endeavour was tested in the Asian NCAP crash tests, in which it also scored a commendable 5-star rating.

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