Tata Nexon crosses flooded road like a boss even as Volvo XC90 gets stuck

India faces heavy rainfalls every year. Many city roads and underpasses get flooded with water which makes crossing the roads very difficult. Driving on such roads is dangerous as it can damage the engine, the vehicle itself can get stuck and potholes are not visible. Here, is a video, in which we can see an older generation of Tata Nexon driving through a flooded road. The road is flooded with water and a Volvo XC90 is stuck on the road but the Nexon is able to cross the road without any issue.

The video is uploaded by Mohit Malik on his YouTube channel. The video is shot through a dashboard camera. The driver stops for a brief moment and assesses the condition of the road.  He sees that a Volvo SUV is stopped in between the road. We are not sure if the XC90 was stuck or the driver had just stopped the vehicle.

The driver thought about the water lever, the height of the Nexon’s air filter and he has fitted the compact SUV with All-Terrain tyres which help in increasing the ground clearance. The stock ground clearance of the Nexon is already very good. It stands at 209 mm.

Tata Nexon crosses flooded road like a boss even as Volvo XC90 gets stuck

Then the driver decides to go for it. The Nexon crosses the Volvo XC90.  The water level starts rising as he comes near the end of the road but the driver keeps on going. There are some people and cars standing there that are looking at the Nexon crossing the flooded road. We can see a Mercedes-Benz GLC, an Autorickshaw, a tractor and another Nexon finished in red colour. People are waiting and confused about whether they should enter the flooded road.

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The driver finally has to stop because there was no space in the front. Then the Mercedes driver backs up his SUV and makes way for the Nexon. It seems like the driver knows about the road and that is why he took the risk. Also, he fitted his Nexon with larger tyres which helped in increasing the ground clearance further.

The Nexon has a water wading capacity of 300 mm which is a very good figure for a compact SUV. However, the best water wading capacity in the compact SUV segment is of the Ford Ecosport. It is rated at 550 mm. Having said that, you should not drive your car through a flooded road because it can damage your car.

The electricals can get damaged, if water gets into the air intake, the engine can get hydrolocked. If the water enters the combustion chamber then there will be serious damage to the engine. You will have to shell out a lot of money on rebuilding the engine which will take a lot of time also. The ECU can also get short-circuited if it comes in contact with water. It is always better to opt for a different route where there is less chance of flooding.

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