Tata Nexon Dark Edition with matte PPF looks sporty [Video]

Dark edition from Tata Motors is very popular among buyers. It gives the car a very unique and premium look. Tata is currently offering Dark Edition for Harrier, Nexon, Altroz, Nexon EV and Safari. Tata Nexon is one of the safest compact SUVs in the segment and it is the only SUV in the country which is available with petrol, diesel and electric versions. Tata Nexon Dark Edition was only introduced in the market recently. Here we have a video where a Nexon Dark Edition owner applies a matte PPF on his Nexon Dark Edition to completely change its look.

The video has been uploaded by Ruddii Rudraksh on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about installing PPF on a vehicle and why is it important to have this film on your car. He recently bought a Nexon Dark Edition and he has been planning to get the PPF done for some time. During one of his trips, the bonnet of his car got some scratches after stray dogs got on his car. He then takes the car to a detailing studio and asks about the prices and benefits on applying PPF on the car.

The workshop owner explains the benefits of installing PPF and why is it better than getting your car repainted. The PPF acts as a barrier between the original paint of your car and external world. If the car gets minor scratches, the PPF on the car would actually be getting damaged instead of the original paint. It retains the original finish of the paint job when your car was new. Depending on the quality and the type of vehicle the cost of getting the PPF done on your car differs.

Tata Nexon Dark Edition with matte PPF looks sporty [Video]

In this case, the vlogger is using a Tata Nexon is a compact SUV  and in order to get the PPF done on this vehicle, the vlogger had to pay around Rs 85,000. The vlogger initially for gloss PPF coating but after reaching the workshop he saw how good matte PPF looks on cars and that lead him to change his mind. The gloss PPF is Rs 10,000 less expensive than the matte version. The detailing studio took around 3 days to finish the process and the final product was looking great. The minor scratches on the bonnet of the SUV were all repaired during the paint correction process and the whole car was wrapped in matte PPF after that.

The film used on this Nexon comes with a 6 year warranty and when the owner removed it after 6 years, the quality of the paint underneath would remain the same and the car would look like a brand new vehicle. This is probably the first Nexon SUV in the country to get a matte PPF on it. The finished product extremely good and it is definitely different from other Tata Nexon Dark Edition SUVs on the road. Tata Nexon is available with a 1.2 litre turbo petrol, 1.5 litre turbo diesel engine. Both petrol and diesel engine options are available with manual and AMT gearbox options.