Tata Nexon goes dune bashing in sand that leaves even a Mercedes Benz SUV stranded [Video]

off-roading and Dune bashing are some of the ways how SUV owners explore more about the capabilities of their SUVs. In India we have couple of groups who organise such trips for SUV owners. Dune bashing and off-roading as an adventure activity is still a developing thing in our country. If you got out for such activities without proper guidance, then the chances of you getting stuck are very high. It is quite dangerous too if you do not know the correct technique. Here we have a video that shows a 2WD Tata Nexon dune bashing while a Mercedes-Benz SUV gets stuck.

The video has been shared by Lokesh Swami on their youtube channel. The video shows couple of Mahindra Thar’s and Toyota Fortuner having fun in sand dunes. After dune bashing for some time, the groups stops and then moves towards an unusual car in the group. They have a Tata Nexon also in the group that is there for dune bashing. Initially, the owner tells the vlogger that he has a custom made 4×4 gearbox in the Nexon and then tells that he was just playing with vlogger.

The driver then takes Nexon in reverse to climb a small dune. He does this so that the car can gain some momentum when it hits the dune. If the car does not have momentum there is a high chance that it will get stuck in the sand. Tata Nexon is a front wheel drive compact SUV and the chances of it getting stuck are very high. He then build revvs and starts rolling the Nexon. He hold on to a lower gear and the front wheel can be seen spinning on the loose sand at places.

It gains momentum and smoothly moves to the other side of the dune. It did not stop there. The Nexon driver guides the car to through the track already made by other 4x4s and takes it to the bottom of the dune smoothly. Nexon did perform very well in such situation but. it does not mean that everyone should do it. Nexon is a 2WD SUV and it was the skill of the driver that made it possible.

Just as the Nexon was doing the task, there was a Mercedes-Benz ML Class SUV stuck in the sand. It looked like the Merc guys were not with any group which is very dangerous. if the vlogger and his group were not present at the spot, those people would have been left alone in the dunes. It is always recommended to got out in groups while going for such adventure activities so that if any of the vehicles get stuck, others in group can help recover the vehicle.