Tata Nexon goes dune bashing in sand that leaves even a Mercedes Benz SUV stranded

We always have the perception that the more expensive vehicles are more capable, especially on the off-road tracks. Well, sometimes, things can turn out differently too. Here is a Tata Nexon that is doing dune bashing in an area where a Mercedes-Benz SUV is stuck.

The video shared by Lokesh Swami on his Youtube channel shows a humble Tata Nexon crossed the sand dune. The video shows a couple of Mahindra Thar SUVs and Toyota Fortuner roaming around on the Sand Dunes. After some time, they stop and moves towards an unusual car in the group – a Tata Nexon. The Tata Nexon owner takes the car to the dunes and conquers them. He initially jokes around telling people that he has modified the vehicle with the 4X4 system too.

So how does he do it? The driver of the Nexon seems to be quite well-versed with the dune bashing. He takes the Nexon in reverse to climb the small dune to make more space to gain momentum. Without any momentum, there is a high chance of the car getting stuck here. In the video, the owner builds revs and then starts rolling at a high rpm. He keeps the vehicle in the lower gear to ensure that the engine is at a high rpm. Even the wheels spin on the loose sand but the Nexon keeps on moving forward.

Front-wheel drive to rescue

Tata Nexon goes dune bashing in sand that leaves even a Mercedes Benz SUV stranded

The Nexon reaches the other side of the dune but the driver does not stop there. He takes the vehicle through a track made by the other 4X4 vehicles who were dune bashing before. He takes the Nexon around without getting stuck and even retakes the course made by the other vehicles. He does the job well and without getting stuck. The Nexon did quite well in the situation but it does not mean that other Nexon will do well too.

It is the driver who made the difference here. Driving a car around on such surfaces do require a lot of skills and control over the vehicle and the driver showed that. Anyone who has never visited dunes before and has driven around on the loose sand should not try this alone, especially with a 4X2 vehicle.

A Mercedes-Benz ML-Class was spotted stuck on the sand and the person was not part of any group. The vlogger and the group helped them to get out else, such areas can be extremely dangerous. Without any rescue vehicle around, you may get stuck for hours and since most such areas do not have a phone network, it can become a disaster.