Tata Nexon Electric driven until battery reaches 0 %[Video]

Tata Nexon EV is currently the most affordable electric SUV one can buy in India. It is also the best selling SUV in this segment. Nexon EV competes with MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona EV in the segment. With the launch of Nexon EV in the market, we have seen a rise in number of buyers who opt for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles have started becoming popular as more and more people are realising how economical these are. One of the main thing that people are still concerned about when it comes to electric vehicles is the driving range. What happens to an electric vehicle if all the power in the battery is drained? Here we have a video that shows a Nexon EV that is driven until the battery reaches zero percentage.

The video has been uploaded by AUTO TOWN on their YouTube channel. Normally people do not drive an EV until a point where the battery gets completely drained. In this case vlogger wanted to check the maximum range that Nexon EV would return in mixed driving conditions. He started with 50 percent charge displayed on the instrument cluster. With 50 percent charge, Nexon EV was displaying a driving range of 93 kms.

Vlogger mentioned that he will be driving the car just like a regular car with AC on all the time to find out the range. He starts inside the city limits and car was acting perfectly. He was driving in city traffic conditions initially and then he joined a highway for some time. The car was returning him a range of percent per two kilometers. As the range reached 25 percent, the battery status bar on the instrument cluster turned orange indicating the driver to recharge the batteries.

The Nexon had started breaking a bit more effectively to generate energy through regenerative breaking. With 25 percent battery left, the vlogger had already driven for over 61 kms. Other difference that he noticed is in terms of power delivery. The Nexon EV with low battery charge was not as responsive as it usually is. The acceleration feels a bit more linear to squeeze out maximum range from the power left in batteries.

Tata Nexon Electric driven until battery reaches 0 %[Video]

Once battery percent had dropped all the way to 10 percent, The colour of the status bar had turned red and the performance became even more lame. By this time, it had already covered over 96 kms in this trip. The top speed of Nexon EV is limited to 65 kmph in this case. The vlogger has had the air conditioning system turned On, all the time but, after hitting the 10 percent mark, the it stopped cooling and was simply circulating the air inside the cabin. After a point, the car even stopped and was not engaging to Drive mode. It started driving again after the vlogger had restarted the car after completely turning it off.

With 6 percent of battery left, the status bar stopped showing the driving range and was asking to recharge the car. At 5 percent, car started beeping indicating the driver to recharge. The vlogger continued driving ignoring the beep and he had covered almost 124 kms when the battery percentage became zero. When the vlogger had started the drive, it indicated a driving range of 93 kms on 50 percent of charge but, Nexon EV delivered over 30 kms more than the indicated range in such mixed driving conditions which is a great thing considering it has a claimed maximum driving range of 312 kms on full charge.