Tata Nexon Electric SUV Coupe: Unveil tomorrow

Tata Motors will be unveiling a new vehicle on April 6th. The new vehicle could be the concept version of the upcoming Nexon Coupe which has been codenamed Blackbird. We believe this because Tata’s YouTube channel says “Watch Our Brand-New Electric SUV Concept”. Earlier, the Nexon Coupe Concept would have been revealed at the 2022 Auto Expo. However, the Auto Expo has been postponed to 2023. It seems like Tata Motors has decided to showcase the concept on its own.

The Nexon Coupe is expected to hit production in 2024. What is interesting is that Tata Motors will be launching the new vehicle first as an EV and the ICE-powered versions will follow up. The homegrown manufacturer is expecting to sell 25,000 Nexon Coupe EVs in the first year and the sales could increase as the Indian market slowly transitions to EVs.

Tata Motors has released several teasers of the upcoming event. The teasers do not show anything clearly. However, we do get a look at the elements in the front. We can see slim LED Daytime Running Lamps, there is a strip connecting the DRLs. There are new alloy wheels that have an electrified design. There is a raked roofline that will help the SUV  to look like a coupe. The concept version could be close to the production-spec considering Tata Motors has a good track record of making their production vehicle looks very close to the concept vehicle.

Tata Nexon Electric SUV Coupe: Unveil tomorrow

Tata Blackbird

The Nexon Coupe or Blackbird will be a mid-size SUV that will go against the likes of MG Astor, Kia Seltos, Hyundai Creta and Nissan Kicks. It will measure 4.3 metres in length. Tata Motors will use Nexon’s X1 platform. However, the platform will be modified to make the vehicle larger. The wheel geometry will be modified to increase the wheelbase by 50 mm.

Tata Nexon Electric SUV Coupe: Unveil tomorrow

As we can see from the teasers, the design of the Nexon Coupe looks radically different from the current Nexon that is on sale. The A-pillar and the front doors will be similar to the current Nexon. The front will design will be all-new, the size of the rear doors will be increased, the tailgate and the roof will have a sloping design and the overhangs will be larger.


The Nexon Coupe EV will be using the Ziptron technology that the Nexon EV and Tigor EV are using. The battery pack will be larger than the current Nexon EV. It could be the 40 kWh battery pack that will debut on the long-range Nexon EV. However, to handle the additional weight and the power output will be increased. The current Nexon EV produces 129 hp and 245 Nm.

There would be two internal combustion engines on offer. Both will have a displacement of 1.5-litres. The petrol engine is a new unit that will come with turbocharging. The same engine will also be used for the Harrier and the Safari. The engine output is expected to be around 160 bhp. The diesel engine will be current 1.5-litre unit but Tata Motors will make some changes to it so that it meets the upcoming BS6 Stage 2 emission norms. We hope that Tata Motors is also able to extract more power from the engine.


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