Couple drive Tata Nexon Electric SUV from Mumbai to Delhi

Electric vehicles are going to be the future of mobility and many manufacturers have entered this space already. In India also, the trend for electric vehicles is catching up and we have manufacturers like Tata, Hyundai and MG who offer electric SUV with long driving range. Tata recently announced that they had sold over 2,000 units of Nexon EV in 10 months. This is actually good and encouraging for many manufacturers who plan to enter the EV space. Here we have a video of a couple who own Nexon EV. They recently did a road trip from Mumbai to Delhi and then back to Mumbai on their recently bought Nexon EV. The couple shares their overall experience and feedback about the car.

The video has been uploaded by PlugInIndia Electric Vehicles on their youtube channel. The video presenter actually introduces the Nexon EV owner and starts by talking about the reason behind buying an EV. The couple had three reasons – one was that EVs unlike ICE engine vehicle do not pollute the environment. Second was the ease of driving. Electric vehicles are pretty fun to drive as their instant torque available on tap. Third was the benefits like government subsidies that owner get while buying an EV.

The overall experience of buying the car was good for the owner and he even says that Tata guys got back to them whenever there was an query. The road trip was properly planned by the couple and on an excel sheet they had a list of charging station where they could charge their vehicle during the trip. They called up at every charging station to find out whether it was operational or not.

Couple drive Tata Nexon Electric SUV from Mumbai to Delhi

According to the video, the couple got fast chargers till Ahmedabad and after that they had regular charging stations. They even got help from Tata who used to give them a heads up about the upcoming charging stations. They stayed at the service stations while their EV was getting charged. Only once on this trip they had range anxiety issues.

They were not gunning the SUV through the highways as it would affect the charge and decrease their driving range. They were constantly driving at a speed of 60-70 kmph and were also driving behind heavy vehicles to reduce drag on highways. Once they had reached Delhi, the system on the Nexon EV was updated and on the way back it was returning good driving range. It returned them over 300 kms on a single charge because of the sane driving style.

Nexon EV is currently the most affordable electric SUV with long driving range in India. It is powered by Ziptron technology that uses 30.2 kWh high capacity lithium-ion battery. The car generates a maximum of 129 Ps and 245 Nm of peak torque. It has an ARAI certified range of 312 kms on a single charge. It supports both AC and DC charging. Tata Nexon EV is available in XM, XZ+ and XZ+Lux trims. The prices for Nexon EV start at Rs 13.99 lakh, ex-showroom and go up to Rs 15.99 lakh, ex-showroom.