Tata Nexon Electric SUV: How far does it go per charge in the real world? [Video]

Tata Motors launched their first all electric SUV  Nexon EV in the market earlier this year. It competes with the likes of Hyundai Kona, MG ZS EV in the segment. Tata Nexon EV is quite popular and the manufacturer recently rolled out 1000th unit from the plant. This actually a good number considering the fact that it is an EV. Nexon EV looks identical to the regular ICE version Nexon in terms of design. The only difference is that it now uses an electric motor instead of petrol or diesel engine. The Nexon EV has a claimed driving range of 312 kms on fully charged battery but, how many kilometers can it actually do in real world traffic conditions? Here we have video that shows exactly that.

The video has been uploaded by Northway Motorsport EV R&D on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing the vloggers Nexon EV and explains the whole plan. The vlogger had charged Nexon EV’s batteries to 100 percent and now he will driving it on the road just like a regular petrol or diesel engine car to find out how far can the Nexon EV go or the real world range of the Nexon EV.

He starts from him house and enters the city with slight bit of traffic on road. He maintains city speed limits as one normally would and then after some time gets on to the National highway where the speed limit was 80 kmph. After driving for about 4.7 kilometres, the battery had lost 4 percent of the charge.

He even explains about the 3 second rule on highway to the viewers. If you want to know more about the 3 second rule click here. After driving for 16 kms in city and national highway, the vlogger finally gets on the Pune -Mumbai Expressway and here the speed limit is 100 kmph. He maintains a speed of 90-95 kmph and soon it started raining. The car by this point had covered over 21 kms and had used 21 percent of the battery.

Tata Nexon Electric SUV: How far does it go per charge in the real world? [Video]

At the 57.4 kms mark, he gets down from the highway at Lonavala and the screen shows that 57 percent of battery is still left. After exiting the expressway, he even takes it to a charging station that was shown by the App in the car but unfortunately, the charging point was dysfunctional. He then drives it back to Pune and with only 21 percent of battery left. The car had done 107 kilometres when it reached the dealership. The claimed range on Tata Nexon is 312 kms and the car had done 110 kilometres on 80 percent of charge.

The vlogger drove it in city, highway and expressway and was using headlights, windscreen wipers and AC while on the drive. He even used the sport mode occasionally to mimic real world driving. Several factors like elevation of the road, traffic, temperature all affect the range.