Tata Nexon EV breaks wall as driver hits accelerator instead of brake

Many new drivers confuse between the pedals and press the accelerator instead of the brake and vice-versa. It gets even more confusing for them in an automatic car. Here is one such driver who confused between the brake and the accelerator pedal and casued a massive accident. The accident caused the wall of a home to fall down.

The accident has been reported by the owner himself. He was reversing the Tata Nexon EV when he pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. The car reversed in full force and broke the wall and a gate of a home. No one was injured in the incident. Even the Tata Nexon EV got a few minor damages.

Electric cars are very high in torque. And the fact that the full amount of torque is available from zero rpm, it becomes very difficult to control for the new drivers. Since many of the electric vehicle owners are graduating from petrol or diesel cars, that drive very different from the ICE vehicles, such problems are becoming pretty common.

Internal Combustion Engines have to reach a certain rpm before they can generate the peak torque and power. However, electric motors generates maximum torque right from the start. Which is why one should use the electric vehicles cautiously and learn how the accelerator responds before using the full power of the vehicle.

Happens with many new drivers

Tata Nexon EV breaks wall as driver hits accelerator instead of brake

Earlier this year, a Volkswagen Vento reversed into a restaurant due to the driver’s fault. While we are not sure if the driver was a newbie or made the mistake of putting the car’s tranmission on ‘Reverse’ instead of ‘Drive’, such incidents have happened before and have been caught on the camera as well.

Last year, a Tata Tiago fell from a showroom after the owner got confused. The dealership was delivering the Tata Tiago to the customer. The CCTV footage shows, the vehicle was on the first floor and was positioned on a hydraulic ramp. The customer, who is in the driver’s seat was talking to the salesman.

The salesman seems to be explaining the features of the Tata Tiago. Which is why  the engine was on. The footage shows that the vehicle starts moving and the salesman even tries to stop the driver. However, the car goes straight through the glass panes and falls to the ground from the first floor.

There have been many such accidents in the past. Car drivers, especially the ones who have recently started driving should be well-aware of the pedals and the modes on an automatic cars. Such accidents can turn critical and cause injuries to people.

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