Tata Nexon EV crosses 85,000 kms in 1.5 year: Owner shares experience [Video]

Electric vehicles as we all know are the future of mobility and many manufacturers have already taken initiative for this. Manufacturers like Tata Motors, MG and Hyundai have affordable electric cars in the Indian market. There are several participants in the electric two-wheeler segment. Tata Nexon EV is currently the most popular electric SUV in the Indian market. It is the best seller and is now a common sight on our roads. We have featured several ownership experience videos of Nexon EV in the past but, here we have a video where the owner has managed to clock over 85,000 kms in just one and half years.

The video has been uploaded by PluginIndia Electric Vehicles on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger speaks to Dr. Madan who is a Laparoscopy surgeon. Dr. Madan had bought the Nexon EV one and half years ago and he offers his service mostly to rural hospitals which means he has to travel around 100-150 kms on a daily basis. That is how he managed to clock over 85,000 kms on his Nexon EV.

Before buying Nexon EV, Dr. Madan was using an Audi Q3 luxury SUV. He can be heard saying in the video that when he initially bought the car, people would come up to him and ask about the technology and the experience. He has been getting 240-250 kms of range from the car and he uses a slow charger most of the time. He said the battery has not started to degrade and is still performing well. Dr. Madan said he puts the car on charge at the hospitals or clinics whenever he has to perform a surgery, so that by the time, he is ready to head back the car get charged.

Tata Nexon EV crosses 85,000 kms in 1.5 year: Owner shares experience [Video]

The doctor and his driver both follow single pedal driving and maintain a constant speed even when there are open roads in front of them. Dr. Madan can be heard saying in the video that he is very happy with the Nexon EV as it now has a touchscreen that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It was missing in his Audi Q3. When it comes to maintenance, Nexon EV is way more cheaper than his older luxury SUV. Service interval on Nexon EV is every 7,500 kms and it costs him around Rs 1,000-Rs 1,500. Once in a while, they change the coolant and in those service the cost may go up to Rs 4,000.

He is still running of the tyres that came with the car and are in good condition because, he does not use the brake pedal much, he has not even replaced the brake pads on this Nexn EV. In comparison to Audi Q3, he is saving around Rs 10 per km in maintenance with the Nexon EV which is a huge difference. We all know that luxury cars are way more expensive to maintain than a regular petrol or diesel car.

Dr. Madan can be heard saying about how he plans his trips and also he drove Nexon EV to Ooty once. The only suggestion he had in this video is about the charging error that occurs during rainy days. When this error comes up, the charging lock does not get engaged. Othe than that there were no major issues that he has faced with the vehicle so far.