Tata Nexon EV falls from elevator during service: Dealership threatens to not give the car back [Video]

The mishandling of cars of customers by authorized service centres is not a new thing, as we have come across many such situations in which the customers are either duped with erratic or tampered vehicles or their cars are not handled properly during service schedules. However, it is surprising that even after such numerous incidents, it looks like carmakers and their authorized sales and service outlets are not learning a hard lesson. Here is an example that shows a Tata Nexon EV customer is being harassed by an authorized service centre after his vehicle fell down the service elevator in the dealership compound.

In this incident from Hyderabad, a person named Dr Rajiv Bandaru gave his Tata Nexon EV for general servicing to an authorized service outlet of Hyderabad-based Orange Auto Pvt Ltd. After Dr Bandaru left his vehicle at the service centre, the concerned people at the service centre mishandled the vehicle while parking it over a lift. While lifting, the Nexon EV got crashed, leaving its front end completely damaged.

Dr Bandaru has uploaded some pictures of his heavily-damaged Tata Nexon EV on Twitter and has tagged Ratan Tata, Tata Motors and a couple of other brands to take this matter to their notice. However, what’s surprising is the fact that instead of accepting their mistake, the CEO and MD of Orange Auto Pvt Ltd are forcing Dr Bandaru to take the insurance claim for his damaged vehicle. Dr Bandaru also claims that the concerned authorities of the workshop are warning him to not give his vehicle back to him if he is not willing to take insurance claims and get the vehicle repaired back.

In the pictures, we can see that the front end of the Tata Nexon EV is completely damaged, with the bonnet, headlamps and front bumper in a broken state. Dr Bandaru also claims that the authorities of the service centre are also refusing to show him the footage of CCTV inside the service centre, which indicates that the authorities at the service centre are completely at fault here. In one of his social media posts, the owner of the Nexon EV described his woes and concluded by saying that if the concerned authorities are not willing to repair the vehicle at their own expense, rather than forcing him instead, he will take legal action for the same.

Not the first such incident

Tata Nexon EV falls from elevator during service: Dealership threatens to not give the car back [Video]

Recently, one such incident happened with a Kia Sonet owner when he handed over his vehicle at the service centre for general servicing, where the car got damaged while being driven inside the service centre. In such incidents, the authorities of the service centre should be responsible and help the customer rather than harass him for the damages for which he is not liable.

While all the service centres explicitly mention that they are not liable for such mishappenings, signing such a document with such fine prints does not make the customer liable to pay for such damages. In such cases, an FIR should be registered and the owner should drag the officials to court. However, this route will take a long time and the customer might have to remain without a car during this period.

Kia is yet to officially say anything on the matter. Such incidents can be professionally handled by the manufacturer and the dealership network. As the manufacturer holds a great deal of influence, they can jump in and set it straight.