Tata Nexon EV owner installs bullbar: Car designer Pratap Bose not happy

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity in India and we have manufacturers like Tata, MG and Hyundai with their electric SUVs in our market. Out of these three Tata Nexon EV is the most popular electric SUV in the country. It is currently the most affordable electric SUV in the country and that is one of the reason behind this popularity. Nexon EVs are now commonly spotted on our roads. A Nexon EV owner decided install an aftermarket bullbar on his SUV and after seeing the images of this EV, this is what Tata’s ex-chief designer Pratap Bose had to say about it.

On the occasion of World EV day, someone spotted this Nexon EV with aftermarket bullbar installed. He posted the pictures online asking for Pratap Bose’s opinion. On this tweet, he commented that this bullbar that the owner has installed on his Nexon EV is not great for crashes and it is worse for pedestrians. The main reason why many people install bullbars on their cars and SUVs is to protect their vehicles from damages that could occur during a minor accident. This also gives the car an aggressive look which many Indian car owners want. It should be noted that, the bullbars do more harm than protection. It actually affects the structural integrity of an vehicle.

Bullbars are installed on the chassis of the vehicles. In case of an accident, the impact directly transfers from the bullbar to the chassis of the vehicle. In this process, the impact directly skips the crumple zone which is extremely important when an accident happens. Crumple zone actually absorbs all the impact and protects the occupants in the car. If you install a bullbar, the chances of occupants getting seriously injured in case of an accident are pretty high.

Tata Nexon EV owner installs bullbar: Car designer Pratap Bose not happy

Another negative thing about installing a bullbar is that it affects the working of Airbags. The sensors for Airbags in a car are installed at the front. These sensors are triggered whenever there is an accident. If you install an bullbar, the sensors will not know about the accident and won’t get triggered or there might be a delay in opening.

Bullbars are not just dangerous for the occupants but, also the pedestrians. Indian government has a set of rules for vehicle manufacturers for pedestrian safety. The front of the vehicle should be designed in a way that, in case of an accident pedestrian does not get any fatal injuries. By installing a bullbar, that rule is also being violated. If a pedestrian hits a car that has a metal bullbar installed at the front, he or she will get serious injuries.

Aftermarket bullbars are actually banned in India for any road legal vehicle. Police from different states had taken action against violators in the past. Initially, when the rule was implemented, police were very vigilant and were taking strict actions against such vehicles and owners. Even now, there are several vehicles on street with such illegal accessories installed on them.