Tata Nexon EV owner explains how he uses the electric SUV for free using solar power [Video]

Electric cars are gaining popularity in India but the restricted charging infrastructure can be a limiting factor. Electric cars can be pocket friendly to operate and maintain even though they cost a lot more compared to standard ICE vehicles. Here is an owner of the Tata Nexon EV who uses solar power to charge his vehicle. He explains how he uses the car for free.

The video is uploaded by the channel SOLAR KART on his youtube channel. The video is about the story of a doctor from Kerela who recently purchased the Nexon EV. Since he has solar panels set up in his home and he uses electricity derived from these solar panels, therefore there is no running cost for the car.

Charging for free

The video goes on to explain in detail the benefits of having a solar panel and investing in an electric car. The doctor claims that he doesn’t have to spend even a single penny on recharging the car as the solar panels installed at his place are able to generate enough power to provide electricity to his house and recharge his car as well. It comes without saying that compared to any fuel-driven car, the electric car costs way less.

Tata Nexon EV owner explains how he uses the electric SUV for free using solar power [Video]

This has been explained efficiently in the video with an example. The cost of running any petrol car could cost a minimum of INR 6 Lakhs for 8 years, whereas in the case of electric cars it could cost anything under INR 1 Lakh which is a significant difference.

The doctor further says that there is also surplus electricity generated from the solar panels installed at his home and is sold separately to the state electricity board. He also shares that 30 units of electricity are more than enough to recharge batteries completely. He charges his car only once a week and that is enough to return an average of about 250 km. You also save the cost of servicing the car frequently as opposed to petrol or diesel cars.

The owner looks extremely happy with his decision as earlier he was using a normal electric connection to charge his car and still spent some money, if not as much as a fuel-driven car to run the car but since he has got solar panels installed at his home, he is literally using a zero-emission vehicle along with nil expense. The only cost to run his vehicle is a 5% road tax which is still lesser than petrol and diesel cars.