Tata Nexon EV owner horrified after finding ‘Do not dispatch’ sticker inside bonnet of 7 day old car

A new car is a great achievement in any family. Some car owners spend their life savings on getting a new vehicle and would not want anything wrong happening to the vehicle. Here is a sight that no new car buyer would ever want to see. It is a tag that says “Do not dispatch.” What you would have done in this case?

The incident is reported by a Twitter user named G T. He has tagged Tata Motors and said that he is horrified and devastated when he found the tag under the bonnet in his seven days old Tata Nexon EV. He asked what he should do.

The tag in fluorescent green colour says, “Major problem. Do not dispatch”. There is a date of 21/12/22 and also a signature, which is likely to be put up the employee who wrote the tag.

There are two possibilities in this scenario. Everyone simply missed the tag and let the car to dispatch and it reached the dealership and was allotted to a customer. There is a second possibility that the vehicle was repaired, rechecked and the problem reported by in the tag was rectified. Which is why it was dispatched and was delivered to a customer. It is highly likely the second case that the person responsible for the tag forgot to remove it after rectifying the problem.

But how the dealership and even the customer missed the tag before taking the delivery is quite unbelievable. Pre-delivery inspection is a major part which is done by the dealership before delivering a car. The tag found under the bonnet means that the dealership did not do the PDI properly.

Customers should do proper PDI

On multiple occasions we have seen dealerships delivering faulty vehicles to the customers in the past. Such problems are quite common and doing a thorough Pre-Delivery Inspection or PDI is the only way to avoid such situations.

PDI is very important before taking the delivery of any vehicle. It should be thorough and one should check every aspect of the vehicle including the manufacturing month that once can find through the car’s chassis number. Other than that, the vehicle’s body should be examined closely for any faults and signs of repainting. Customers should also check under the hood for any signs of wear and tear and use of old parts or wire and ask questions to the dealership.

While the owner of this Tata Nexon EV has found the tag under the bonnet seven days after he bought the vehicle, there is no chance the dealership will take any action until a problem crops up. The owner of the car will have to wait until there is an issue in the vehicle. Until then, the owner will have to believe that the problem written in the tag was resolved and the car is in a perfect condition.

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