Tata Nexon EV owner shares his experience with the SUV after 20,000 kms [Video]

Tata Nexon EV is the most popular and best selling electric SUV in India. Nexon EV became popular among buyers in a short span of time and the main reason behind its popularity was the pricing. When launched, it was the most affordable electric SUV one can buy in India. The car offered decent driving range and was also offered premium features as well. It is now a common sight on our roads and we have also seen several ownership reviews of Nexon EV online. Here we have one such video, where the  owner is seen talking about the issued and overall experience with the Nexon EV.

The video has been uploaded by Road Pulse on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of the Nexon EV talks about the instances when his Nexon EV had stopped working and also his experience with the service centre. The owner of this Nexon EV has driven the SUV for almost 20,000 kms and he is very satisfied with the vehicle. He mentions that he often gets questions whether the Nexon EV has discharged completely in the middle of road. Owner can be heard saying there have been no instances when the battery of the car had completely discharged in the middle of road.

He however recalls two incidents when the car had stopped working. The first incident happened at his home. The Nexon EV was not charging and it was left with 10 percent charge only. This is a known fault in Nexon EV and many owners have come forward with similar issues in the past. The reason behind this issues was mud. The locking mechanism of the charger connector on the Nexon EV was not working properly as there was mud accumulated in it. Tata sent their staff and got the vehicle picked up from the customer’s house. The car was loaded on a flatbed and was taken to the service centre.

Tata Nexon EV owner shares his experience with the SUV after 20,000 kms [Video]

Owner mentions the service centre did not replace any parts instead they cleaned it and since then the issue has not occurred again. The next problem with the Nexon EV had occurred when he was travelling to Kochi from Pathanamthitta district. He mentions that it was raining on that day and as he mentioned that as he was driving, a error notification came on to the screen and the car immediately went to Neutral. Owner tried putting it back in Drive mode but, the car was not responding. This issue happened on the road thankfully there were less vehicles on the road as it was night time.

He then got in touch with Tata’s road side assistance and they took the car to the nearest service centre. He then got a call from the service centre after two days saying that, they would need around 2 weeks to completely check and resolve the issue. Another reason they mentioned for the delay was the availability of parts. They howevr resolved the issue immediately. The owner was told that moisture was found in one of the component which could have got in when he was driving in the rain. This was another issue that he faced with Tata service centres. He mentions that the service centres do not have many parts of the EV readily available and it takes weeks for them to arrange it. This ruins the overall service experience. The owner however mentions that Tata’s customer service has improved a lot. In both the incidents, he response from the service centre was fast and timely update was also given to the owner. Other than this, owner faced no major issues and he is happy with the vehicle and the customer support.

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