Tata Nexon EV ownership experience after 20,000 Kms

Tata Nexon EV is currently the most popular electric SUV in the country. Tata launche Nexon EV in the market last year and it quickly became popular among electric car buyers for the price and driving range. It was the most affordable EV in the market then. Nexon EV competes with cars like MG ZS EV, Hyundai Kona EV in the segment. Here we have a video where a Nexon EV owner shares his experience with the SUV after completing 20,000 kms.

The video has been uploaded by AyeAuto Vlog on their YouTube channel. In this video, the anchor talks to the owner of a Nexon EV where he shares his overall experience with the car. The owner mentions that in comparison to petrol and diesel cars, electric cars are fairly new in terms of technology and he had bought the Nexon EV anticipating that he might encounter some issues. In short he was well prepared for it.

Nexon EV owners have formed a group and the members speak about issues that they face with the EV in the group. So far, owner of this Nexon EV has not faced any major problems. The car was bought almost 8 months ago and he has been using it regularly. The car has ARAI certified driving range of 312 kms but, in real world driving conditions, the owner is getting 240 kms. The maximum he has got was 300 kms.

Tata Nexon EV ownership experience after 20,000 Kms

Owner can be heard saying in the video that after owning the Nexon EV, the driving style automatically changes and one is more concerned about the range. A person who owns an EV will start driving more vigilantly. He has not faced any problems from the service centres but, many of his known people in the group have faced it. One of the major problem was unavailability of slots. Whenever a person attempts reserving a slot for his Nexon EV at a dealership, he is unable to get that.

Other problems that many other members faced with the Nexon EV was the car shifts from Drive to Neutral while driving. The owner had faced couple of issues like a Critical EV error and unable to eject the EV charger at times. He said that the Critical EV error had occured after a software update. The charger ejecting issues have been faced by him couple of times.

In terms of service cost, the owner spent a maximum of Rs 1,900 for the servicing and in comparison to a petrol and diesel car, running cost of an EV is Rs 1 per kms or even less. The owner said long drives should only be planned in an EV if there is enough time in your hand. There are instances when many of the charging stations are actually not active. There is a lack of charging infrastructure specially in Kerala. Overall, the owner was pretty happy with the overall driving, handling and suspension set up. He also mentioned that he set up a solar panel in his house and that is also adding up to the long term savings.