Tata Nexon EV Prime launched with Nexon MAX features

Tata Motors has introduced the Nexon EV Prime in the Indian market. The brand has changed the name of the Nexon EV to Nexon EV Prime. The Nexon EV remains one of the best-selling electric cars in the market and it now gets additional features from the Nexon EV Max. Tata Motors says that existing customers of Tata Nexon EV can also availability the new features through a software upgrade.

Tata Nexon EV Prime launched with Nexon MAX features

The price of the Tata Nexon EV Prime is about Rs 45,000 more expensive for the entry-level XM variant and Rs 20,000 more expensive for the Dark XZ+ variant. The price difference depends on the variant of the Nexon EV Prime.

2022 Tata Nexon EV Prime price
Variant New Price Old Price Difference
XM Rs 14.99 lakh Rs 14.54 lakh Rs 45,000
XZ+ Rs 16.30 lakh Rs 15.95 lakh Rs 35,000
XZ+ Lux Rs 17.30 lakh Rs 16.95 lakh Rs 35,000
Dark XZ+ Rs 16.49 lakh Rs 16.29 lakh Rs 20,000
Dark XZ+ Lux Rs 17.50 lakh Rs 17.15 lakh Rs 35,000

The new Tata Nexon EV Prime gets several new features that were only available with the Nexon EV Max till now. This includes a multi-mode regeneration function with automatic brake lamp activation. It switches on the brake lamps when the regeneration setting is at the highest level.

Tata Nexon EV Prime launched with Nexon MAX features

Tata has four-level regenerative braking to the Nexon EV Prime. With regeneration, customers can extract more from the car. Regeneration helps charge the batteries while braking and decelerating. Tata has also added new features like a cruise control system and an indirect tyre pressure monitoring system via the smartphone app and smartwatch-integrated connectivity features.

Existing owners can get the updates

Tata Nexon EV Prime launched with Nexon MAX features

While Tata offers a free software update to the existing customers to add all the new features, there is a requirement for hardware too. Tata service centres will install the required hardware but are yet to clarify if that hardware installation is chargeable.

Tata Motors will charge customers for the next software updates. There is no change in the powertrain as it still remains powered by the same 30.2 kWh battery pack and has an ARAI-certified range of 312 km.

According to Mr. Vivek Srivatsa, Head, Marketing, Sales and Service Strategy, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd.

“The Nexon EV has captured the imagination of the entire nation and has consistently led the way in the electric vehicle segment since its launch. It is the default choice for EV intenders with a market share of over 65%. With the Nexon EV Prime we expect to further strengthen our strategy of keeping our product offerings New Forever. Further with this software update to current owners we are setting new benchmark of what customers can expect as part of Tata EV ownership experience.” 

Tata Nexon EV Max prices increased

Tata Motors has also announced that the price of Nexon EV Max has increased by Rs 60,000 across the variants. There are no software or hardware updates with the EV Max.

Tata Nexon EV Max price (ex-showroom, India)
Variant New Price Old Price Old Price
XZ+ 3.3kW Rs 18.34 lakh Rs 17.74 lakh Rs 60,000
XZ+ 7.2kW Rs 18.84 lakh Rs 18.24 lakh Rs 60,000
XZ+ Lux 3.3kW Rs 19.34 lakh Rs 18.74 lakh Rs 60,000
XZ+ Lux 7.2kW Rs 19.84 lakh Rs 19.24 lakh Rs 60,000
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