Tata Nexon EV Prime vs Nexon EV Max electric SUVs in a comparison video

Tata Nexon is without any doubt the best selling electric SUV in India. Tata is constantly working on making the Nexon EV more appealing to customers in the form of new variants and updates. Tata recently launched Nexon EV Prime which was actually the regular Nexon EV with more features. Few months ago, they also launched the long range version of Nexon EV in the market. It is called Nexon EV Max and here we have a video where both Nexon EV Prime and Nexon EV Max is compared.

The video has been uploaded by Gagan Choudhary on his YouTube channel. He starts by talking about the changes in the Nexon EV Prime when compared to the regular Nexon. In the top-end Nexon EV Prime, Tata is offering leatherette upholstery, electric sunroof, touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, automatic climate control. In addition to these features, the Nexon EV Prime is also getting cruise control, Multi-level Regen and also i-TPMS. Customers who own regular Nexon can also get these features in their EV by visiting the nearest dealership.

After this, Gagan moves to the Nexon EV Max. It is available in an exclusive colour and different alloy wheel. Other than this, the car looks the same as regular Nexon EV. On the inside, it gets a new rotary gear selector knob, electric parking brake, wireless phone charging pad and so on. It gets Sport, City and Economy drive mode buttons next to the gear selector knob. In Nexon EV Max, there are physical buttons for activating cruise control and Regen braking. In Nexon EV Prime, these features have to be accessed from the MID. Other than this, the basic layout of the cabin remains the same. The touchscreen now gets an air purifier feature as well.

Tata Nexon EV Prime vs Nexon EV Max electric SUVs in a comparison video

Other features that Nexon EV Max offers over Nexon EV Prime are ventilated front seats and auto-dimming IRVMs. Tata Nexon EV Prime is powered by the same 30.2 kWh battery pack. The electric motor generates 129 Ps and 245 Nm of peak torque. It has a certified driving range of 312 km when fully charged. The Nexon EV Max on the other hand gets a 40.5 kWh battery pack and the electric motor generates 140 Ps and 250 NM of peak torque. It offers a claimed driving range of 437 km on a single charge. Vlogger drives both the Nexon EVs and mentions that both of them are very similar when it comes to driving feel. Although EV Max generates more power, it does not feel too aggressive because of the added weight in comparison to Nexon EV Prime.

Top-end variant of Nexon EV Prime and Nexon EV Max have a difference of almost Rs 2 lakh. The Prime is sensible for those who are looking for a car to be driven inside city limits. Whereas the EV Max is for those who are looking for more features and also added driving range due to bigger battery. Both the cars support AC and DC fast charging. With Nexon EV Max, Tata is offering a fast charging set up at home for an additional charge.