Bizarre Tata Nexon Electric SUV spotted with a windmill on roof [Video]

Electric vehicles have become a lot more common in India than they were a few years ago. Thanks to Tata Motors, who launched their electric vehicles that offer a decent range and were not too expensive. Nexon EV is still the best selling EV in the country. One of the major issue that most people who own an EV face is range anxiety. The charging infrastructure is improving in the country and the driving style has also improved due to EVs. However, here we have a video where a person has installed a windmill on the roof of a Nexon EV. What exactly is happening here? let’s find out.

The Nexon EV seen here was spotted in Gujarat’s Surat. The owner has actually installed a small windmill on the roof of the Nexon EV. We are not sure what exactly the owner was trying to do but, it looks like he somehow wants to recharge the car using the energy that is generated while the car is in motion. It feels like he is doing this to extend the driving range of the Nexon EV. The set up on the roof is clearly not done by a professional. It looks like a student’s school project. It may look like a practical solution to some who are reading this article but, let us tell you that it is not.

Why is it a bad idea??

It is a bad idea in more ways than one. First of all, let us look at the set up. There is a small windmill on the roof. We are not sure about the capacity of the windmill but, it is clear that it cannot generate enough power to actually recharge the batteries in the Nexon EV. Next is the set up itself. The windmill may be doing more harm than good for the electric SUV as it would make it less efficient.

Bizarre Tata Nexon Electric SUV spotted with a windmill on roof [Video]

Just like ICE vehicles, electric vehicles also become less efficient when the weight in them increases. The windmill set up might also be creating a lot of drag which would affect the range of the Nexon EV. Tata as a manufacturer has already spent a lot of money to make the design of this SUV aerodynamic. Any additional feature like this windmill setup is only going to increase the drag. The electric motor will have to work more to maintain the speed and that would in turn reduce the overall range. It may look like a very simple and efficient method but, it is not.

Windmills are not efficient enough to generate high voltage current. Even the commercial windmills in the farms generate about 1.5 kW of power and that too depends on various factors including the speed of the wind. If you want maximum range from your EV, then you should leave all these home made solutions and focus on the driving style. Unlike ICE vehicles, the driving style for EVs in different. Do not accelerate aggressively and also engage regen to get maximum range.

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