Tata Nexon falls off bridge after accident; Owner thanks Tata quality for saving lives

Tata Nexon became the first vehicle to get a five-star safety rating from Global N-CAP. In a country like India, where road accidents are very common, such a high safety rating does come into play to save the occupant’s life. Here is an incident that is shared by the owner of the Tata Nexon Here is what happened.

Tata Nexon falls off bridge after accident; Owner thanks Tata quality for saving lives

The owner of the Nexon Raviraj Singh says that he was travelling with his family including his mother, father and grandmother when the accident happened. According to the post on the Tata Nexon Owners group, Raviraj was travelling on the single-lane road when the accident happened.

A bike rider was trying to overtake the car when another motorcycle rider from the opposite side came and hit the Nexon head-on. This caused the balance to lose and the Nexon fell off a small bridge into the field sideways.

Tata Nexon falls off bridge after accident; Owner thanks Tata quality for saving lives

It is the facelifted version of the Tata Nexon. It is likely to be the top-end version with the sunroof and the airbags. The exact information like how many times the car rolled or if everyone was wearing a seatbelt when the accident happened are not mentioned. However, the owner has mentioned that everyone inside the vehicle was safe.

Looking at the accident, it seems like that the Nexon was a high speed and it fell quite far away from the road. It is quite possible that the occupants sustained injuries but they may not be very grave or serious.

Tata Nexon falls off bridge after accident; Owner thanks Tata quality for saving lives

Tata Nexon received a 5-star rating in 2018

Tata became the first manufacturer to receive the five-star safety rating for a made-in-India car. Tata Nexon, which was earlier tested by Global NCAP in August 2016 was re-tested to receive the highest ever points by a made-in-India vehicle. The Nexon received 16.06 points out of 17, which is the highest ever achieved by any car ever made in India. This adds one more star to Nexon’s earlier 4-star rating by the same testing agency.

The Tata Motors vehicles have often been appreciated for the impeccable built quality and the Global NCAP results echo the same. Tata has said that in the future all its vehicles would target the 5-star rating and would definitely have a minimum of a 4-star rating. This is expected to become a trend other manufacturers would also follow the steps of Tata Motors and would want to produce safer cars for the Indian market.

Currently, there are quite a few five-star safety rated vehicles in the Indian market. Tata has the Altroz and the Nexon while Mahindra offers the XUV300 as the five-star safety rated vehicle. The newly launched Mahindra Thar has also received a five-star safety rating.

With more new cars getting tested for safety by Global NCAP, there is likely to be safer cars in the future in the Indian market. Tata’s new cars like the Harrier and the Safari are yet to get tested by the safety testing agency at the moment. However, we can expect Global NCAP to provide ratings for most vehicles that are sold in the Indian market in the future.

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